Yoruba is now an official language in Brazil and MUST be taught in schools!


While all sorts of crazy is happening with the new Brazilian head of state the government itself has still managed to push through a progressive new policy that we sincerely welcome.

It has introduced the compulsory study of African History and Yoruba Language into the primary and secondary schools curriculum.

The West African language Yoruba is spoken by around 30 million Africans and with Brazil’s HUGE population this could be a massive boost to the language and culture.


africanexponent.com wrote:

So what do you think of this move? Is it a positive thing for Africa and Brazil?


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  1. This article is, unfortunately, the result of a bad translation that was circulating around a while ago. Yoruba isn’t an official language in Brazil. It became recognized as patrimônio imaterial, which – for lack of better phrasing – is like giving landmark status to the language. In other words, recognition that the language is important to Yoruba descendants in Rio de Janeiro (specifically, not in all of Brasil). It’s great news that the language receives this recognition, but just wanted to share that it’s not an official language of the country and is not mandated to be taught in schools. At least not at this point in Brazilian history ☺️. Axé!

    • Sounds like some American mess where the people who originally owned this country are not “allowed” to speak their own language. If they knew their own power, they would not speak in any language other than their own. Period.

  2. Mr. Parks..in the thread below, M.M.de Oxum says that Yoruba is NOT an official language & is NOT required to be taught in schools…your response?

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