WTF: These Are All The Black CEO’s OF The ENTIRE Fortune 500…


So, after the retirement of McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson the entire Fortune 500 only has five black CEOs left. This is certainly not good! That’s just two in the Elite Dow 30!

  • Kenneth Chenault of American Express
  • Rodney O’Neal of Delphi
  • Kenneth Frazier of Merck
  • Arnold W. Donald ofCarnival Cruise Line
  • Ursula Burns of Xerox

BlackFT500Yep, that’s it!

The highest it’s ever been is seven, and that was in 2007. Seeing as around 13.2% of the United States is black, a fair representation in the Fortune 500 should be 66 black CEOs.

That is not diverse and clearly it’s not getting better!

Clearly actions to diversify have not been working and something needs to be done quickly to properly represent.

Maybe it’s time for the black community to start binding together and forget trying to head white companies. Black companies can compete on a global scale but they will have to start small and focus.

What do you think?


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