Wrongfully Convicted, Behind Bars for 20 Years, He Taught Himself Law, Got Released, A $15m Settlement And A Job At A Lawfirm!

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Can you imagine being behind bars for 20 years, for a crime you did not commit, knowing that you had been framed? What would go through your mind, how would you deal with it?

Well, one man used his time very wisely and has finally pulled himself out of jail and settled with the state. Rodell Sanders was awarded $15 million on September 28th.

Sanders managed to gain the assistance of the University of Chicago’s Exoneration Project and managed to get his freedom 2 years ago. He was imprisoned for murder in a 1993 gang hit, many retrials, and investigations proved he did nit commit this crime.


Rodell was lucky that a the last surviving member of the hit confessed in a letter to Sander’ girlfriend six months after the incident. According to the Chicago Tribune, he wrote:

“I know that you are still mad at me for helping the police to lie on Rodell about that murder,”

“But I was scared. Like I told you before, the police told me to lie on Rodell and put his name on this (expletive). … They wanted Rodell instead of me because they need me to come to court on another case, then help them put Rodell away forever.”

The letter goes onto say that Chicago Heights Police framed Sanders. Rodell believes that two detectives cropped a photograph to create evidence against him.

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  1. Brandon

    I just wish somebody would tell whoever wrote this article to check for misspells and grammatical errors. Oh and “onto” is not the same as “onto.” Damn.

  2. Tasha Brown

    I’m going throw the same right now.l needed to speak to you.please

  3. Gilbert Purnell

    I was convicted of a crime I did not commit and spent 20 years in prison for, I was incarcerated from May 1984 to May 2004, but I never got the help I needed to prove my innocents. God bless him for his determination.

  4. Tracy Crenshaw

    Whoever wrote this article I really need to get in contact with you. My brother has been incarcerated for over 17 years and he is innocent. I have all the information to prove it but nobody will take his case. Please respond to my post we need him home.

  5. Phyllis

    I needs to get in contact with you as well,my husband has been incarcerated for over 10yrs for a crime that never happened,we had witness plus a video tape showing where he was at plus I got a call from an unknown person telling me that they was going to railroad him and that’s what happen.He needs to be home.Please contact me if you can help me with this.Thanking you in advance.

  6. JOHN

    Thanks for receiving me. And it is sad that even in developed countries there is such malice by police instead of professionalism! The freed man is also an encouragement to many who have been maliced,disappointed by many ,not live in depression and bitter ness but instead to rise again the next day as the sun! -the Best


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