WORD: Jay-Z and Meek Mill announce $50 million criminal justice reform organization and Van Jones is heading it!

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It is not exactly a secret that there needs to be criminal justice reform and literally 100s of grassroots organizations work on this needed interest! So, a few big names throwing their hats in the ring (and money too) is a GREATLY welcomed thing, especially when the aim is to help and lift up those already working on the issue!

Thr Grio reported:

Billboard topping rap artists Jay-Z and Meek Mill teamed up to announce the launch of the Reform Alliance, an organization devoted to criminal justice reform. The initial backers of the initiative, who come from a wide range of fields, have ponied up $50 million to get the work started.

Besides Jay-Z and Meek Mill, a group of all-star funders from the worlds of sports, business, and tech include are also partners on this venture including Philadelphia 76ersco-owner Michael RubinNew England Patriots owner Robert KraftBrooklyn Nets co-owner Clara Wu TsaiThird Point LLC CEO/founder Daniel S. LoebGalaxy DigitalCEO/founder Michael E. Novogratz; and Vista Equity Partners CEO/founder Robert F. Smith.

Several district attorneys from around the country were also in attendance, including Brooklyn D.A. Eric Gonzalez and Cook County Illinois D.A. Kim Fox. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, who has been an avid supporter of Meek Mill and criminal justice reform in general, sat in the front row for the event.

This diverse and wealthy group of civic minded individuals not only pooled together their resources for this cause, but also selected Van Jones as the founding CEO of the Reform Alliance. Jones, a former White House advisor during the Obama administration, has years of experience in the social justice space as the founder of several organizations with various goals such as teaching children from under-resourced communities how to code and helping people impacted by unjust parole and probation policies.

At the launch event for the Reform Alliance at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, Meek Mill explained to a packed theater why he is committed to this organization.

“Creating the Reform Alliance is one of the most important things I’ve ever done in my life. If you thought my case was unfair, there are millions of others dealing with worse situations and caught up in the system without committing crimes. With this alliance, we want to change outdated laws, give people hope and reform a system that’s stacked against us.”

Keep up to date on the Reform Alliance’s initiatives on Twitter and Facebook and read the full article cited above on The Grio here.

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  1. Terry hubbard

    Im very happy that Jay-z, Meek Mill and others have stepped up the plate with Mr Van jones Leading the way. I and other advocates were not informed when this meeting was taken place at John Jay College. I found out about this through Facebook.
    Ive been a volunteer with the board of Ed ucation in NYC qnd ive seen the horrible acts that were committed against boy students in Special Education not only by their peers but teachers Administration,and the like! Although this Population are gifted and talented ,They are the Majority in our Prison System.
    How may i and other family members of the past and present get involved, fore this population is what truly set off of The Schoolhouse to theJailhouse Pipeline!

  2. tazzyblog

    Perhaps they will start with ending the “cash bond era”

  3. Cheryl Monique Ewing

    It’s great leadership and people who are in the light that need to get involve with the movement of the unjust criminal system which has plagued the black community for centuries. I am proud that our entertainment industry is taking a stand with local communities to combat the long power of unjust in the laws and the courts. Thanks so much!

  4. Dr. MJ

    I completely appreciate this information, now more than ever having been directly impacted by the unfair and outdated practices of the criminal justice system and as an educator for the last 20 years seeing it from that side as well. It’s frustrating and completely the worst form of slavery based capitalism one could imagine. Thank God these folks are getting involved and using their power and influence to make a difference in such an important way. It is needed and appreciated!

  5. Phyllis Borum

    I am extremely impressed and moved to see the Collaborative efforts to move this system designed deliberately to further oppress and destroy MAINLY Black males from even getting a push forward after most times being raised in some poisionest destructive neighborhoods. The system knows how to help and hinder. I am glad to see that people of POWER are taking the mantle to help change awful LAWS. WE must continue to stand for what’s right ALWAYS..


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