WOAH: Trevor Noah Asks T.I. Why Rappers Glorify Violence And Call Injustice. YOU HAVE TO HEAR THE ANSWER!

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T.I. isn’t the most political rapper but in his new video he addressed police violence and switched the rolls, black cops killing white kids and so forth! This turn in attitude led Daily Show’s Trevor Noah to ask why rappers glorify violence yet callout injustices. And… Well… T.I. nailed the answer in a way that was elegant and makes a whole lot of sense.

Calling out a hypocrisy Trevor asked:

“I hear you guys saying you want justice, but in hip-hop people are talking about guns, shooting people … ”


T.I. nails it by saying:

“People need to take into consideration that hip-hop traditionally has always been a reflection of the environment,” he retorts. “So if you want to change the content of the music, change the environment of the artist. And he won’t have such negative things to say.”

You have to watch it below.


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