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by | Mar 27, 2017 | Opinion | 12 comments

Urban Intellectuals posted a question on our Facebook page that prompted this article. We asked the question, if Colin Kaepernick isn’t signed, will you ban the NFL?

The responses ranged from absolutely to why would I do that, I love football. Obviously, we’ve been excited to see the support for the movement and disappointed in many of the same selfish, apathetic behaviors that have kept us subservient for centuries.

Granted, Kaepernick isn’t the star QB many NFL analyst suspected he could be when he first started in the league. However, the man has led his team to the Superbowl, which is something most QBs can’t say, is still one of the most athletic players at the position in the league, had a decent year on a poor team last year and is clearly better than the majority of backup quarterbacks in the NFL.

So, why isn’t he signed?

The short answer is the NFL doesn’t care for “Black issues”, which are really human rights issues if they see us as humans. To this some say the NFL can’t be racist because all the Black players currently signed in the NFL. However, to that, I say this:

“Y’all think a bunch of A-political Black men with jobs mean the NFL isn’t racist???? When you being a “Good Ni**er” you can stay, but when you speak up and have opinions about injustice….well??”

Sources contend that the NFL executives hate Kaepernick and the “controversy” he brings to the locker room. Controversy? By kneeling during a song? Protesting the absolute murder and destruction of an innocent people? …..all of which are inside of his constitutional rights.

Let me get this straight, the NFL is welcoming to people who have murdered individuals (Ray Lewis), raped multiple women (Ben Roethlisberger), knocked out his girlfriend (Ray Rice), and come to work on drugs (Johnny Manzel), but if you are politically aware of the destruction of a race of people you are out?


I’m not going to try and convince everyone that they need to stop supporting the NFL if Kaepernick is black balled, but you? I can’t understand why you wouldn’t.

This man stood up for you when he didn’t have to and lost millions of dollars in salary and endorsements in the process. It is YOUR children, uncles, wifes and family that are in jeopardy, not his. He has enough money and fame to avoid many of the issues and pitfalls we face in America, but that didn’t stop him from bringing an important issue to the forefront by taking a knee…

….and you won’t turn off the tv when the NFL blatantly shows you that their constituents, fans, advertisers and executives don’t give a damn about the death of your children at the hands of the police?

Shame on you.

Real Talk:

It is our lack of collective effort, energy and unity that makes us easy targets AGAIN AND AGAIN in this country. They can do whatever they feel like it because we REFUSE to come together and do something about it as ONE.

It’s time to stop bitching, moaning, and complaining once we have been wronged. It’s time to stand in unity. If not now, then when?

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  1. Greg

    There should be a boycott of one televised game… That would embarrass the league and owners.

  2. Gabriel

    Ive already made my mind up to no longer support the NFL until he gets signed. Additionally whatever team signs him will be come my new favorite team. Yep we both up for free agency!

  3. Tyrone Ervin

    In my personal opinion, I say boycott all athletic games until they’re black owned because we run it all anyway !!

  4. BigSwagg Bkaschoolboyswagg Coleman

    I WILL NOT have nothing to do with the NFL until Colin is signed by a team.

  5. YaoKhepra Felix-Wilson

    So WE need to boycott the NFL because he didn’t get a job??


    The NFL has signed BLACK people right out of prison, on parole, awaiting trial and any other inappropriate and illegal thing you can name.

    Because their talent outweighed the problems they would have to deal with.
    It real is that simple.

    Sorry to bust the bubble on a new messiah for Black People.

  6. Shakem Amen

    That’s gonna be impossible in my opinion. Especially when you have players like Marshawn Lynch who are giving back and helping his community with his NFL salary.

  7. Doni

    No Kap no football!!!

  8. Cynthia White

    Let’s actively boycott the things that really matter, football doesn’t matter, it’s just a distraction like so many other things”Black People” detrimentally give their attention to. It entertains the brain and occupy the mind. Pacifing our actions, in an attempt to take us off the path of true revelation…of boundless freedom.

    • R williams

      No need to pick and choose, Every cause or organization that is not willing to stand with and rectify obvious issues SHOULD be boycotted. It’s not a matter pick and choose.

  9. Sebastian Pierre

    Can someone please organise a movement, this guy put everything on the line and we need to give him something back collectively….

  10. OFFICIAL Biden Memes (@BidenMemesRus)

    Dumbfounded dipshits lol go ahead. Boycott. NO one fuckin cares what blacks want. No one. You know why? Because you’ve proven that not only are you emotionally retarded as a species but too mentally damaged to integrate into a civilized society. So boycott. No. One. Cares. LOL morons.

  11. Tamara Cottongim

    By ” people” You mean “YOU” are tired of it. A whole fuckin bunch of people are tired of seeing our fellow human beings being erased and tortured because of their skin color, I am one of those. I am proud of Kap for kneeling, he is a bigger man than most for that sacrifice to work for real change. You go on and watch your shallow world stagnate in hatred and denial while the brave folks do all the hard work. Oh let me guess- You don’t give a shit.


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