Why Jackie Robinson West SHOULD Be Stripped of Their Titles

by | Feb 11, 2015 | Opinion | 1 comment

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My opinion isn’t going to be popular, but I feel this needs to be said. The Jackie Robinson West little league team should be stripped of their titles.

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It is clear the black community isn’t going to agree with me based on the things i’ve been reading, but i’m not afraid to be an individual and state my unpopular opinions, so here we go.

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First of all, I love the courage, heart and effort these young people put into this past baseball season and truly feel bad they are in this situation. They inspired the city and what seems like the nation with their historic run through the Little League World Series.

jackie robinson bannerThe feelings of hurt and disappointment by the black community over the little leagers being stripped of their titles is understandable and I share them with you. However, here are the reasons I feel they should be stripped and look forward to debating with you.

1. They Cheated.

In all honesty, for me, the debate should stop right here. The teams officials and coaches doctored documents to get around the leagues residency issues. No one seems to be denying this, but feel that they should just overlook these rules for some reason (I believe is because the little kids are black and our feelings are hurt as a community). Often i’ve heard it said that every team does this. Not sure, but every team hasn’t been caught doing this, so not going to deal in that hypothetical.

You cheat. Get caught. You pay the piper. In this case, it is being stripped of your championships and titles.

2.  Can’t Just Punish the Coaches

I’ve heard some of you say the kids shouldn’t be punished for the cheating of the coaches and parents. I feel you on this and empathize with the kids 100%, but this can’t happen either. The reason being if you allow them to keep their titles and championships, ban the coaches or even parents, it does nothing for the teams and kids that JRW beat on their way to the Little League World Series.

Just imagine if the all white team from Nevada beat JRW, cheated with residency laws, and expected everyone to just look the other way. You would flat out lose your mind, black community, and you know it….

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even if you won’t admit it.

3. A White Team Was Stripped As Well in 2014

I’ve read people talking about this is all about white privileged and all sorts of other nonsense. I’m not arguing white privilege doesn’t exist, but damn people, really? Over a baseball game where the team obviously did CHEAT?

Well, let’s knock air out that balloon anyway. In the very same tournament, a white team from Georgia was kicked out of the tournament for having too many 12 year olds. Should they have just allowed them to play as well? It wasn’t the kids faults the adults were cheating, but you are not going to get fired up over that story…are you?

Read: Ga. champs out of Little League regionals for too many 12-year-olds

4. A Question For You

If a white team won the Little League World Series beating JRW in the US finals by cheating in this same manner with residency  issues, would you still hold your position? Would you advocate for the white team to keep their titles?


SOUND OFF: Do you think JRW should have been stripped of their title? Is the black communities frustration over this justified?

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1 Comment

  1. Nathaniel Young

    No argument here, I totally agree. Its totally the coaches and officials faults for their “oversight” but rules are rules. Unfortunately they are punished at the expense of the kids


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