(VIDEO) Police Do Little To Stop Their Dog Mauling Cuffed Black Man, Bad Training Or Malicious Intent?

by | Jul 12, 2017 | News | 0 comments

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In the video, a man cuffed to the floor, not at all resisting, has a police dog buried into his arm as officers try and pry it off. It must have hurt like a mofo! People are shouting to get the dog off and all things considered, it seems like the police maybe were not working too hard to get that very well trained dog off. Watch the video below and then some thoughts below that…

Now first off you have to wonder how a dog came to bite a cuffed man. They attack on command. Maybe the guy ran away after being cuffed? We don’t know what happened before this video started so can’t judge that too much.

Second, sometimes dogs do go off on their own and it does seem that maybe the officer couldn’t get him to release with commands.

And then you ask, why wasn’t the officer pulling harder. Well, when you pull harder the dogs (or so I have been told) are trained to dig in deeper. The dog was already pretty tight on that man’s arm and as you see when the officer pulls back the dog bites harder.

Honestly I don’t know what the issue was here. An out of control dog that should not have grabbed the man, poor training or malicious intent by the officers who wanted to hurt the man.

Do you have anymore insight on this?

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