UNTWIST: “What Does The Bible Really Teach?” [Part 2]


“No one sees with greater pleasure than myself the progress of reason in its advances towards rational Christianity. When we shall have done away the incomprehensible jargon of the Trinitarian arithmetic, that three are one, and one is three; when we shall have knocked down the artificial scaffolding, raised to mask from view the simple structure of Jesus; when, in short, we shall have unlearned everything which has been taught since His day, and get back to the pure and simple doctrines He inculcated, we shall then be truly and worthily His disciples; and my opinion is that if nothing had ever been added to what flowed purely from His lips, the whole world would at this day have been Christian. I know that the case you cite, of Dr. Drake, has been a common one. The religion-builders have so distorted and deformed the doctrines of Jesus, so muffled them in mysticisms, fancies and falsehoods, have caricatured them into forms so monstrous and inconceivable, as to shock reasonable thinkers, to revolt them against the whole, and drive them rashly to pronounce its Founder an imposter. Had there never been a commentator, there never would have been an infidel.” — Thomas Jefferson’s Letter to Timothy Pickering, 21 Feb 1821

Jefferson spoke the truth when he said man has turned the righteousness of God into a letter of demagogues, despots and infidels. That remains true to this very day. We see that in their president Donald and also in the lives of so-called religious entities that twist the words of holy people of ancient times into whatever form or shape pleases them for the moment.

First Things First

It is not money, but jealousy that is at the root of every evil in the nature of man.

We see this not only in the way the Bible tells us how the adversary (the great dragon) attempted to overthrow the Kingdom of Heaven and made war against the Holy of Holies and Michael and all the angels [Rev. 12], but we see it again when the adversary approaches Eve and tells her, point-blank, that God is a liar [Gen. 3]. We are not out of order, the Bible scriptures are not in exact chronological order.

The enemy had not only told Eve that God just didn’t want her to know everything, but wanted to keep her blind and ignorant. She was seduced into believing that she could even become a “god” just like Him. Rather than being satisfied with the gift of being made in God’s IMAGE, she was told she could be just like god – knowing everything there is to know.

In these actions alone, the adversary of our souls had not only accused God of lying, but had even gone so far as to pretend that knowing it all is the key to becoming a self-righteous god of our own making.

Sound familiar? It should. We’re still doing it now.

Besides, there are consequences and responsibilities that come with being ‘little gods’. Have at it.

I would rather not.

The Color of the History of Mankind

At no time does the Bible scriptures make mention of any white-skinned or mixed race people until it mentions Rome and Greece. And even the Greeks are not a pure Aryan white people.

It wasn’t a matter of race at the time, mankind made all of that race stuff up. But because God created man of the dust (dirt of the ground) … and that was who and what they were, Black people. That’s the deal, take it or leave it. Scientific evidence endorses it.

Science has left us trails of proven genetic evidence that the dominant DNA of the world rests within Black people, the only people in the world who come in every color of the rainbow. Whites come in hues and shades of whiteness, but Black people come in all colors, and the only TRUE COLORS of the universe all come from the deepest and darkest of Blackness.

Whether it is the beginning of mankind or an OLED television set, known as “Perfect Black,” blackness yields the most magnificent colorings that the world has ever known. We can’t even get a beautiful and brilliant flower without first burying its seed beneath the deep brown and black dirt of the earth.

There were tribal affiliations and nations of Black people back then, not racial separations and stigmas.

So when we say the people of the Bible were a Black people all the way around, it is not to be racist. It is because it’s the truth, it was how the world was created by God.

No, Cain and Abel were not white men by any stretch of the imagination. But it was and is true that jealousy caused what we have come to acknowledge as the first murder on Earth, as well as all of the strife, murders and contentions since then. Just plain old evil green-eyed jealousy. Black on Black crime started with Cain and Abel.

The latter-born son, Seth [Gen. 4:25], was not a white man, nor were the other descendants of Adam & Eve a white-skinned people, if they actually existed. I have no reason to believe they did not exist, especially since science says they can prove at least that she-Eve did exist more than 200,000 years ago. And they also have evidence that she was not a genetically white woman, but a dark woman with strong African features.

Why Atheists Can’t Prove There is No God

Many people are too argumentative about the origins of man and most of those arguments are centered around proving the non-existence of God.

So far, they have failed on every point made about how they can “prove” there is no God by using the Bible itself. They have also failed on the idea that the idea of “God” or godliness is an allegory and nothing more. They also can’t prove that the Egyptians were the foundation and center of the world. None of it is true.

We live in a society of many different formed and/or organized religions that have taken bits of scripture or opinions of the Bible over time and literally made many different factions of religious order or belief systems out of small parts or phrases of scripture. This includes the Egyptologists who claim that everything the Hebrews learned through Moses came from Egyptians. Well, not only do they fully identify with these mystikal Bible creatures whom they say did not exist, but they also seem to think nothing was invented or civilized in the world until Egypt came along and that is also highly untrue.

Adam and Eve, in farming and cultivating their land, and Cain and Abel in farming and tilling and animal husbandry, were highly civilized persons for their ancient time. They had already invented much before the nations split and reformed. It is reasonable to know and assert that these people of first origins passed along their traits and teachings and knowledge to their children who passed them along to theirs, and so on.

One need only look back to Enoch, the son of Cain and builder of cities, and Cain’s sons and grandchildren [Genesis 4:17-22] to know that they were an ancient civilized people long before Egypt or any of these other lands and civilizations existed. They pre-dated Shem, Ham and Japheth, Noah’s sons who re-populated Earth and brought their skills, talents and knowledge with them.


Whether we believe these Bible stories are allegory or not, neither Egypt nor China nor India nor Greece nor Rome was the start of civilization in the world. It appears that it all began “in the Land of Nod,” East of Eden.

Allegories or literal facts, it makes no difference. There is truth at the heart of all scriptures and that truth is infallible.

There is text in the Bible itself that says folks need to stop arguing over petty matters that only provide more argument and understand the righteousness of God within our willingness to believe. Abram/Abraham was even required to do that much. His faith was accounted unto him for righteousness. [Gen. 15:6 and Romans 4]

In this wise is the wisdom of God: That the hearts and minds of mankind/humanity be tried and.” tested in the fire of the words of the ancient ancestors, so that they can reveal themselves to us for what and who they are. God already knows what and who we are, so the Scriptures are for us to shine a light on others and “know them by their fruit.” [Matt. 7:16]

Many “christians” and folks of other religions, as Thomas Jefferson said, are so distorted that it is easy to see that without commentators, no one would ever have become an infidel.

Rightly it is also said that the words contained therein cut sharper and deeper than a two-edged sword [Hebrews 4:12], for no two eyes see the exact same thing. Rightly it is said that “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks”. [Matt. 12:34 and Luke 6:45].

Believe people when they SHOW you who they are. He has shown you O Man what is good and what the Lord requires of you. [Micah 6:8]

Discourse is needful. Now we have no choice but to know rather than to live in love, light and peace, which is what we had initially.

As we wind our way around back to what God gave us in the first place, the HARD way rather than as the Gift that we were given, we don’t need “blind” faith in order to trust in God. We know more than we can possibly need to know in nine lifetimes, so there is nothing blind about faith.

It is also rightly said that there is nothing new under the sun. [Eccl. 1:9] All we are is a repetition of what has happened in times past.

Ape Theology

I doubt that people evolved from apes, because that evolution stayed with the apes and never got passed on to humans; but what I am certain of is that our spirits and mentalities and attitudes and actions and activities are self-recycling and repetitious as all get out.

What do we really know that the ancestors did not? Not much. Time has kept it moving forward, but mankind’s expectation in life and living are almost exactly now what they were then.

These arguments and striving are not new. The same stuff we bicker about now, the people of Bible times were bickering about it back then.

About Genesis

In an nutshell, the Book of Genesis is divided into two parts:

Humanity’s origins and the history of the Chosen People who were to bring the world back into reconciliation with God so that sickness and suffering would end.

It is in our hands that sin derived and contrived itself, it is in our hands that it must come to a decisive finish so there will be no more questions about divine providence when this is all said and done.

No one knows if Moses wrote the book of Genesis or not, but they have their reasons for assuming so.

In the meantime, the entire Genesis book is not only about origins and history, but also about grace and mercy.

That’s the flip side to this beginning story that most people would rather not discuss, mostly because we don’t like to talk about the grace and mercy we must extend to one another in this fallen earthly state. That’s why the Tree of Life had to be blocked and then ultimately disappeared. Evil cannot continue forever.

But let’s make it real for the latent unbeliever in all of us.

We can choose to live without the hope that a better world is possible, and that the pain and hurt we live with now is okay and that death is “just part of it all”; but I doubt that any of us are actually enjoying poverty, death, and destruction enough to want it to continue forever.

We keep trying to find ways to heal the world and make it a better place; but there are no answers, not even in those of us who want to portray ourselves as gods or “little gods” of some kind or affinity or order. In this, there are still no answers to end the suffering and pain.

Michael Jackson even said -after the election of President Barack Obama- that man has no ability whatsoever to be self-governing, and that has been proven time and again over many centuries. There is a disorder in the world that we see and can sense, and no one really knows what to do about it.

We have some temporary fixes, but whether you believe, or don’t believe, the fact is that none of man’s wisdom has outshone the infinite wisdom of God.

And it never will. [I Corin. 3:19]

Beginning to Ending, Alpha and Omega, First and Last…

As we move through the origins of humanity in the book of Genesis to the carnal slaughter and hatred that began with two brothers, twins, two Semitic (i.e., Black) men -Jacob/Israel and Esau/Edom, in the English vernacular- and their children at odds with one another for centuries, then pace ourselves through to how the jealousy of Joseph’s brothers landed him as a slave exiled in Egypt, where he became Pharoah’s right hand man, we see more going on than vain arguments and controversies over things that won’t make the bitter pill of life any easier to swallow.

Imhotep/Joseph in the English vernacular, could have had them (his very own brothers) killed for their treachery and the plans they had to see him destroyed; but he chose to save their lives instead. Or at least that’s what we read.

It was unearned and unmerited grace that caused Imhotep to feed his Brothers Israel and give them clothing and shelter and safety when he could have let their jealousy eat them alive.

He would have been thoroughly justified had he done so. But was it “all about” him? Apparently not.

Genesis begins with a story about unmerited grace in the midst of evil, and ends with a story about unmerited grace in Imhotep’s treatment of his brothers.

Let’s look further…

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this 67-part series. EXODUS.


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