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My dear beloved Aunt Mabel had a saying that went a little sumpin’ like dis: “If you like it, I love it.”

In other words, whatever you allow in your life that is a problem for you will never be a problem for her, because she ain’t having it. So if you’re going to put up with it, why should she or better yet, why would she care?

Black America: You got issues…and every day that goes by, a new issue comes up for one of two reasons (or both): Either you don’t care, or you do care but feel helpless to do anything about it.

In the meme below, Dick Gregory makes a very lucid point about just how “foolish” Black folks can be.

Dick Gregory
Dick Gregory: What kind of fool is you?


There is a little d’uh factor going on here about racism in America.

Lifetime in prison with no criminal history; 20-60 years in prison for firing a weapon and no one died; capital punishment with no DNA evidence and no murder weapon; children who go from school to jail for being Black children, then are turned into slaves once they enter those prisons where they are forced to work for little to no pay; Black women being browbeaten into looking for work with small children at home, for fear of being called a ‘welfare queen,’ and then punished when she has to take the children with her to a job interview and winds up leaving them in a hot car; drowning, beating, stabbing, shooting, and killing your own children in bitter custody battles just to keep the other spouse from “winning;” voting laws being repealed on demand by a capitalistic racist narcissistic white privileged sort; laws being made up only to protect white skinned people and to prohibit, persecute and punish only Black-skinned people; folks from other countries who can’t speak English selling you hair, nails, clothing, bric-a-brac and nicnacs when you can’t get a loan to open a business in your own neighborhood; gangbanging each other in the streets because maybe, just mmayyyyyybbbeee, you watch a little bit too much Al Pacino and “Scarface” and actually start thinking that those white greedmongering racist murderers are perhaps right … and the list goes on and on AND ON endlessly about the blatant outright racism in America and its hateful friends against the people who not only built the cornerstone of the United States of America, but without whom it would not have ever been a prosperous nation.


As a matter of fact, racism is the only reason a nation that was built on slave labor continues to prosper to this very day…and you ask the knucklehead question “But is it really racism?”

How foolish, how ‘ignorant’ (nig-norant) can you possibly be?

If you like it, they love it.


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