UIMD: And Justice for Whom?


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Once again, we’ve seen the American standard of lynching Black people applied to the Nth degree in America, and the good news is that today’s so-called “new” Blacks are witnessing what their parents and grandparents did before, during and after the Civil Rights Movement.


But the good news isn’t anything close to good.

We no longer pledge allegiance to any flag or flags because it ends with the words “And justice for all,” and that has hardly ever almost never been the case in America for Black people.

What they don’t get about this is that a Black person will be punished even if they committed no crime whatsoever, mostly on racial innuendos alone, and a Black victim will be convicted of a crime even if he or she did nothing wrong; a white person is only convicted of a crime if they actually DID do it – with few to little mistakes; and a white person is hardly ever convicted of a crime, not even the crime of murder, when a Black person –even an innocent one– is victimized by THEM.

As long as the victim is Black, white skin wins. Period. No matter what actually did happen.

Herein lies the problem with this system of injustice.


It is metered out first by money, second by race, and third — if if comes down to a match between two people of the SAME race and on equal footing financially and economically  — that is the ONLY time TRUE JUSTICE is served and there is no contest.

However, if the Black person does have MORE money than a white opponent or “victim”, their race is still a consideration in whether or not they can win a court battle against a white person.

We actually watched OJ Simpson actually get a fair trial for a murder charge because he was made an open public spectacle by the media; they turned it into a circus and parade. Had that not happened, money or no money, his Black skin would have taken him down “That Racist Road” with the rest of us. In the end, he made a public spectacle of himself and turned himself over to the white folks after allowing them to set him up for a situation in which he was thoroughly justified, but all they wanted was his Black ass in prison for life, guilty or not.

America services and serves money and white skin as god above all else in its pursuit of justice and THE AMERICAN WAY, which rests and is embedded in white supremacy, no matter what. It will also end due to the path it has chosen for itself.

The rest is moot, and that is what makes this “criminal justice system” itself highly criminal.

And justice for whom?
And justice for whom?

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