UIMD: The Bastardization of the U.S. Judicial Systems

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Today’s Meme is multi-fold  in its implications and is meant to be a “no-holds-barred” viewpoint of where Black people are in this criminally-behaved Judicial System in America.

Chief Justice Roger B. Taney of the “White Supremacy” Court of the 1800s rightly said “A Black man has no rights a white man is bound to respect” in America, and it  has been that way ever since.

Angry Judge Meme

The Bastardization of the US Judicial Systems

This is Y2014, and that much has never changed.

Even when you encounter a Black judge in this judicial system, they have been trained to take a wholly different visual and operational stance on Black people that is white-Roman-oriented and as racist coming from Black judiciaries as it is coming from the white ones who taught them to hate their own.

Be it a civil case or criminal case, the skinny on the entire ruse in the judiciary is that Black people lose, no matter what … with a concession or two from time to time. Equitable treatment only comes mostly in places where Black people DEMAND it and will not stand down and allow it to happen any other way.

Though this white supremacy stance in courts of law is mostly a phenomena of the defiant southern states who lost the Civil War thanks to the many fine Black men who served in that war under President Abraham Lincoln, it is not totally unheard of in the “northern” states.

There will always be gray areas somewhere in between North and South, but the fact of the matter is … it is MAINLY PREDOMINANT in southern states East and West of the Mississippi River.

Today, a grandmother who spent more than 30 years of her life in prison over a crime she never committed was finally released, and she needs to make this “Injustice System” bleed through the nose for what they did to her.

I haven’t read about the specifics of the case, but I know that she isn’t the first or the only one … and there is no telling what so-called “evidence” they used to convict her of it (read: racial innuendos and stereotypes) while blatant cold outright white murderers whom we have SEEN and witnessed killing unarmed Black men over bullshit that they should not have had to die over walk away from their crimes, even after CONFESSING that they did it.

This is U.S. tradition, and it has gone on since the 1800s, beginning just before the rise of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and the “slave catchers” that we now call the police force. They tell you to take responsibility for what YOU do, but they never ever take responsibility for the hand that they play in causing this. Black people committing crimes and acting out in America is only a “mimic” of white-oriented behaviors and totally reactionary, and it is a stone cold contributing factor in PTSS – ‘post traumatic slave syndrome’.

And note, even though everything Dr. Joy DeGruy says is circumstantially right-headed, none of this is rooted in “welfare.” Black people don’t have a damned thing in America that we didn’t earn or that wasn’t earned FOR us before many of us were ever born. We even earned WELFARE for them and had to go to court to sue just to get a small piece of what we were giving to them with our own labor: The right for the Black and poor to be treated equally to the poor whites, especially since WE were the ones who worked for THEIRS, was court-ordered, not GIVEN. [And NO — welfare is NOT “slave reparations” — especially since more than 60-percent of its recipients are Hispanic and white by its own natural original default, which theirs did not come by way of court-demanded mandate, but because slavery ended and they lost the only income and skills they  had because of it.]

Wonder no more why Black America has a deep abiding hatred of police and the justice systems in America … there is not now, nor has there ever been any “justice” in it. Not for us. It is judicial misconduct at its ABSOLUTE worst when it comes to Black and Afrocentric Americans; you do not have to be guilty of anything to get convicted on race alone in this country – period.

And even worse, the following five (count ’em 5) factors also always come into play

[Don’t even mess around with or bother trying to figure it out by some dumbed down criteria that’s made up to mind-bling the hell out of you – these are factors that always and in ALL cases come into play, nearly every time without fail, and almost without exception]:

1) Blacks within the legal system who bastardize and turn over their own “people” to a system that they know is unfair and unjust when it comes to other Black people. Read: All skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.

2) Before you get mad at President Obama and his spin on lower income and poor Blacks, always remember that the Black folks who REPRESENT you in Congress are doing all the talking for you. Those Upper Class Negroes and justices are thoroughly trained by the power of whiteness to see their poorer Black kissin’ country cousins only one way: As totally non-existent or some ‘loud mouth ghetto ni&&ers’ who are best put on total “ignore.” They may run from it, but they cannot hide. Anything with more than one eye and who are spiritually inclined see them for exactly what they are.

3) Understand that beneath those black robes, a white woman is always somewhere underneath that cloak sucking a white man’s cock. Therefore, if you are having issues with the justice system that are seriously beyond fairness and equitable justice, you can best believe a screamin’ demon histrionic (more than likely some drug addicted alcoholic high-pitched whiney) female is causing a white man who should know better to lose every bit of his credibility as an officer of the court. If you do not watch them carefully, they’ll have you thinking something’s wrong with you when it’s really ALL them.

These judges can forget about having ever gone to law school, or having been taught common sense enough to recognize a lie and a liar when he sees one, because that is when they really get seriously stuck on stupid.

White females are constantly making asses of white men in courtrooms, even when they are dead wrong … and these judges know it and bend their asses over to get effed by a female with a fake penis every time. They even lord it over their own men to lie and make shit up, so that little small head is always talking for the bigger head that is supposed to know better that that. They totally fuck up these white men’s legal education and law experience and make them look like pure de idiots who can’t tell their assholes from their appetites when it comes to THE absolute truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth. They become, under those conditions, utterly emotionally and educably retarded and clueless.

4) The white policemen across America usually typically (with a hand full of exceptions here and there) have some kinds of ties to a white supremacist organization, be it the KKK or the neo-Nazi skinheads, or whatever else have you.


5) If a Black man has no rights a white man is bound to respect, then a Black man/woman has no reason to respect the laws of this country or any others where this happens.

That’s the end of it.

Get your own Constitution with your own Second Amendment rights, your own police forces and dare their asses to cross a line in our communities ever again.

The “African-American Treaty” is that they don’t set foot on our lands, they don’t bring their businesses or bullshit into our communities, they don’t teach our children, and they certainly do not tell us how to live our lives. And if a Black person crosses the color line and messes with them, they answer to US first — anything else, and they better go through the legal process of extradition to be governed by THEIR laws. You don’t have to leave home, or even segregate, but those Constitutional laws in the Fed and every state in this nation were never meant to protect Black people, only to persecute and prosecute them and open the doors for allowance for Black America to be robbed and raped and murdered without any respect as their, or our, human and civil rights whatsoever.

You can forget about Civil Rights and Voting Rights also … if they came in under “color of law,” they are removable under color of law and you will and have witnessed the return of the empire of the Knights of the Klan. Period.

Those “skinfolk-non-kinfolk” upper class N-words can forget about it not applying to them just because they think they are “better class” Negroes. At the end of a long hot day, whenever they get what they want … they are putting those “light-skinned good-haired ni&&ers” dead on the Killing Fields with the rest of us. A Hitleresque purge is a purge and it means half-breeds are included.

I’d be willing to bet ice cold Malt Liquor in 75-pound keggers that more than 70-percent of the Black people in jails and prisons under white supremacist legal actions never had any business there in the first place. (See Sidebar Note Below)


Sidebar Notation: Michael Brown’s own mother confessed that she never got involved with anything before her own son was murdered by a racist on the police force in Ferguson, MO. Said she figured it was not her business and had nothing to do with her. Now she knows better. Turn your back on one single Black person, it will be you next. Don’t think it can’t happen, she once thought the same.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. — Martin Niemõller

We’ve been here before -over and over again- in a 500-year historical span, and those who do not learn from the past will repeat it like a bad dream in an episode of The Twilight Zone.

If Black America doesn’t get it together and understand, once and for all, that white America has no incentive whatsoever to end something that it profited and benefited from from the start of this nation’s history, it will never end…

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