UIMD: It’s a Dirty Job, but…


It's a dirty job
It’s a Dirty Job, but someone has to do it.

UI Meme of the Day, a Daily Series…

Before you turn your nose up at the next janitor, housekeeping services, cook, building maintenance person, child care worker, floor sweeper, sanitation worker … keep this in mind:

You don’t appreciate these blue collar workers until you have to do what you don’t want to do yourself.

Just because they MAY not have a college degree and are not CEOs (or they could be the owner of the contract cleaning company for all you know…), it does not give anyone the right to underpay them.

They have families and dreams, too.


Just because someone isn’t dreaming YOUR dreams does not require them to live the way you think they should to realize their own pathways in life.

Always show your service people respect and appreciation.

They are worth much more than you will ever be able to pay them anyway.



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