UI Discussion Party

Logo-UIDP-500x330You are invited to hold your own UI Discussion Party at your home. This is an opportunity to engage with your family and friends about issues that matter in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Routinely, we get together for gatherings to play bid whisk, spades, Taboo. This is an opportunity to get together, but to discuss the issues that matter most to us.


Enter the UI Discussion Party

UIDP is an opportunity for people to get together and discuss issues related to our community with a formatted structure. They are a chance for the people to discuss their feelings and have their voices heard, bond with community, learn from and support each other in a comfortable environment, your home or favorite get together location.

If nothing concrete comes out of the UIDP, at the very least you get to engage in critical thinking, hold discussion on many of the unspoken topics in our communities, and gain insight on how others feel about various issues plaguing our community.


UI Discussion Party Guidelines:

These are the instructions for holding your UI Discussion Party. Everything you need to have  your UIDP comes the downloadable guidelines. Feel free to modify, take away and put your own flavor on the event as you see fit. These Guidelines are meant to be a framework to get you started.


THE PRICE: $1.00  (For a limited time)

It is time to break the lame, whack discussions we have at every party. The sporting world is doing nothing for us. Who cares what happens in reality tv and the new culture of watching other people live their lives? It is time for us to engage our own lives, families, and communities.

Let’s get into some real discussion with the UI Discussion Party!