1990s TV Mostly Explains Why The Millennials Have A Junk President in 2018

Now we understand why this generation has a lot of recovery work to do in order to get past the mental and emotional trash sitting in the White House at this moment.


Watching a documentary on television shows in the 1990s.

I never saw any of them because I was too busy working…often late into the night. But after I retired, I started looking up some of the many shows I missed while working and in school for two decades prior.

As I started to review some of them, I realized how the Millennials could end up starting off their adulthood years with a “Donald Trump” as a president.

Those were the crappiest, most mentally retarded, stuck on stupid, oversexed, over-hyped, over-dramatized, sick-o television shows in the history of TV. They were highly narcissistic and filled with delusions of grandeur, likely all induced by drugs, even as Trump is now.

They set the the standard for a culture that would stop hiding and would soon put a check mark next to okaying the most decrepit monstrous life messes ever known to humanity, with no qualms about falling all out in the open with it.

The nation, the world, had become desensitized to respect and love during these years and the filthier it was, the more acceptable it became. The entire world became a big fat phalanx symbol and I missed the entire thing … THANK GOD!

I am glad I was at work and never saw any of this stuff until it was in syndication like nearly 20 years later.

I’m no prude, I can talk “trash” with the best of them if I take a notion to get down in the dirt, muck it up, kick cats, stay mad about nonsense that is easily ended by just walking out of a room, and just sit around and spew a bunch of nasty words all over the place and talk about sex day in and day out, like it’s an interesting topic for discussion (Hint: #Not .)

But I have a bad case of OCD when it come to germs, including mental germs. I’m only titillated by startlingly intellectual conversation, so songs called “Rape Me”? “Why Don’t You Kill Me?”

Seriously. I guess that’s why I finally dug up FRASIER from the garbage pile of ’90s television and realized that it was the MOST intellectually provocative television show during that entire era.

On the first episode, eleven years after it had gone off the air, and I understood WHY that show received so many awards. It was like M*A*S*H* … always the insinuation, never the act. And what was so gosh-awfully soul-stirring about it was what happened AFTER.

The good stuff that makes TV intriguing came into play after the “sex” was over and done. Lilith & Niles … and WAIT UNTIL FRASIER FINDS OUT.

Now, THAT’S funny — Frasier’s reaction AFTER it happened, not the entire eyeball-washing episode of seeing them do it.

So…If it -if rape and racism- wasn’t such a problem 4ya back then, why is it suddenly such a problem now?

Bill Cosby got caught up in sex drugs rock’n’roll like everyone else at the time, and he isn’t going to prison for rape at all – that’s okay by their kind. He’s going to prison with a mantra of “rape” for insulting the rapist Trump and his rapist friends.

So none of these women will ever get any real justice because no one cares that they were “raped,” they care that a political move is made against anyone they don’t like when a rape accusation surfaces.

That’s not justice, that’s “thanks for helping me show him how much power I have, and I will still grab your p* when I’m done with Cosby, and you will let me grab it because I’m Trump and I can. I can even shoot you in the head in the middle of Wall Street and walk away and still get elected president.”

That’s why I spend so much time isolated from the rest of the world. I can’t spend a lot of time around this kind of junk, it’s low-classed and asinine and beneath my intellectual capacity; but now I see why every time I had to go to the hospital or a doctor’s office or the ER, instead of asking me IF I did drugs, they wanted to know what was my drug of choice.


I have never done drugs of any kind, ever, so for me, that’s simply a stupid question to ask.

But out of the entire sludgepile of what was viewed as “great” TV during the 1990s, only a couple of those shows came up in the wash making any sense whatsoever – that was the time when it became okay for humans to behave as if they were lower than animals, and they became just that.

However, it explains a lot about why Trump is in office and why his sexism, racism, nasty-mouthed attitude and public displays of juvenile mental instability is okay with his supporters … they don’t have the sense enough to know any better. “Sex sells,” was the mantra, but I’m looking at it and I’m thinking, this is the most boring and listless crapola I have ever heard of in my nearly 60 years of living on this planet.

Subgenerations X, Y, and Z, the children and grandchildren of The Joshua Generation, spawned a lower subculture of “acceptability” of the worst behavior known to mankind – and it wasn’t because it was anything new, it was because it was okay to openly and outwardly be a racist, a rapist, a misogynist, whatever.

That’s why there is this piece of trash sitting in the white house right now … it says it’s okay to sub-brand racism and rape, which at one time was WRONG. Now, it is no longer really a bad thing for anyone to do or be.

FYI: The Millennials may be your grandchildren or great-grandchildren, but they have not yet attained the age of 21, as the first of them were born in the gap years 1998-1999, Y2K.

The TRUE Millennials are just turning 18-19yo this year, 2018. Subgenerations XYZ gifted the Millennials with the most brazenly nasty piece of televised garbage for a president that the world has ever known, not even hidden any more.

They brought that trash off the TV set and the make-believe world, and put it in the real where the rest of us have to sit here and watch this messy TV drama nutcase in DC spill out into our laws and lifestyles, and even watch it churn the economy itself into a solid sludgepile of inhumane crud.

*** Fact is…

All “older and aging people” watch the world transition before their eyes. If they live long enough, nothing is the same when they die as it was when they were born, and that’s always a good thing.

But one thing is certain above all else …

NOBODY’s generation grew up learning how to disrespect others all out in the public airwaves. It was NEVER acceptable to disrespect parents and grandparents and teachers and other community leaders and elders, no matter what.

This one, this generation, did learn how to live that sorry a life, in REAL time. The over-arching standard policy of ALL generations -no matter the changes that came along- was “you don’t have to like me, but you must respect me.”

This generation learned the reverse: “I don’t have to like you, OR respect you. I don’t even have to care about you, even if you’re related to me, if you’re my mother, my father, uncle, cousin, sister, brother, my wife, my husband, my child, my grandchild, my grandmother or my godmother, whatever — it is of no consequence to me to talk to and treat you like pure sh*+ because that’s just what I feel like doing today.”

NO ACCOUNTABILITY FOR BEHAVIOR, ACTIONS, or the CONSEQUENCES – just the love of the racism and the rapists and other landfill content for minds and mentalities, just because someone thought it was “cute” and “funny” and paraded it around as “ok to be like that”.

Now we’re watching America become the very Great Whore of Babylon that it is shown to be in prophecy.

That’s the only part left of this nation that fits it PRECISELY.


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  1. Gangsta THug Balling culture, that praised that fool, for over 25 years in rap music, is the reason why we as a National Black community have been subliminally brainwashed to have not prepared a Just in Case plan, just in case another racist Nut Job, Millionaire became president after the Brother’s term was over , as occurred 4 times before ; Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Bush lite! For the eight years that president Obama, held back the cutting axe of basic gov services like public schools city hospitals civil service jobs, EPA, and city colleges, we did not a damn thing of preperation and now we are facing those cuts, and no plan!

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