One Point Three Trillion In Government OMNIBUS Spending

Every recession and depression in America started on a Republican's watch...


Winners and losers from the $1.3T omnibus

Congress is on the verge of passing a $1.3 trillion omnibus that would fund the government through September and provide the biggest federal spending increase in years. The bill is loaded with provisions given its likely standing as the last legislative train leaving the station before the midterms, and members have been scrambling to compete for a slice of the funding pie. –

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That Move Kills All Notions That Democrats are The Biggest Spenders in Congress

Democrats just tend to spend more money on human interest and life, and Republicans tend to spend more money on personal riches and death/debt. The GOP has their “Blue Dog” friends, but the GOP -constantly crying about ‘smaller’ government, mean small government FOR THEM. It’s always going to be BIG GOVERNMENT for YOU, including your tax dollars, down to the last penny.

The Pork Capital Queens of the Century are Republicans. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s never about spending LESS with the GOP, it’s always about budget cuts to anyone who isn’t worth at least $7 to $10 million dollars, minimum. The poorer you are, the more taxes -per capita- you will pay, and the less you will benefit from your taxes.

You will get Boston Tea Party ‘taxation without representation’, because you don’t know who is representing you or why; or what to do about it if you did know.

Don’t Get It Twisted

Here are the keywords to look out for that will tell you that you are being swindled:
et al

The idea behind their spending theft is that you are supposed to pay more tax and them less. The more you make, the less taxes you pay … and they consider middle income as a range from $450k to $7 Million.

In other words, EVERYBODY is poor except THEM, and the way they get rich is off YOU, Poorass. It’s interesting watching the GOP self-implode and the many who have been deceived follow them into the gutter.


Now, Mitch McConnell said, when President Obama was in office, that they didn’t need anyone to read anything or make decisions, all they needed was someone to “sign stuff.”

They got just the ‘tiki-torch running Village Idiot’ that they needed in Donald Trump, and had it with George W. Bush, who now looks like a friggin genius next to Trump. He don’t know jack and all he can spell is his own name, and for a minute, it was the same with ‘W’.

Somehow, Democrats -the true Dems and not the DINOS- always seem to DO MORE WITH LESS money, and cover everyone at the same time while spending LESS. When you’re self-absorbed and greedy, though, it’s all about you.

And here’s a little FYI 411: Every recession and even The Great Depression of the 1920s United States was started during the residency of a Republican. And, no, this BIG PORK OMNIBUS SPENDING BILL doesn’t have any reparations included in it, nor anything else worth spending that amount of money on, but the GOP never knows how to budget or spend wisely to benefit America. It also explains why Trump has been bankrupt most of his life, he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing and initially balked at getting ONLY $1.6 billion for “HeilTrumplerWall”. They told him more money would be coming for his Big Bozo-esque Dreams, but he probably got bonked…again. There will be 10x the “illegals” in this country in less than two years, thanks to the “wall.”

And BTW – only 17 Democrats voted “Yea.” They must have gotten something THEY wanted privately.

That is the entire history of the Republican Party in America. It’s all they know, all they ever will know; it’s all they’ve ever done, and all they ever will do.

Now you know.



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  1. True ! Republicans rely on stupid people for support! They depend on a constituency, that will follow what Hitler called “The Big Lie ” every Republicans prez since Reagan spent through the roof! the Brother , in his last 2 years of office, spent less then all presidents since Reagan

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