The God Genome, Part II


[Part II of the Six-part Series “The God Genome”]

The white(r) Gentiles were first taught Christianity and Christian principles and gospel truth by Black Hebrew men from Canaan, Judea and Antioch, not the other way around.

Christianity had a history trail before white people ever heard of it; just like America existed and had a history before a white man ever set foot on it. Prior to Christianity, they had learned other religions that were laden with paganism and idols, and many different “gods”.

Christianity, however, came to them much later through Black people from northern Africa/Israel, Mesopotamia, and the Mediterranean, now known as the Middle East. Christianity is even credited with causing the Fall of the Roman Empire.

To hear Louis Farrakhan tell the story of white people’s history—which is less than 12,000 years old, they were created by a Black scientist named Yakub, or Yacub. This scientist created himself some white-colored Black men that we call albinos.

Recently, the discovery of the OCA2 gene (i.e., occult albinism) was found by scientists to be scientifically correct.

According to Farrakhan and his teachings from Elijah Muhammad, this scientist Yakub mixed and matched these white-skinned Blacks to other darker Blacks and eventually got around, over much inbreeding, to making pure white-skinned people. These people had, through his experimentation, lost the majority though not all, of the melanin in their skin.

The other school of thought is that some Black people actually left Africa and ventured further north, migrating up past Turkey and pushing on into the Caucasus Mountains. It was so cold, and so frigid, living in frozen caves and tundras with barely a hint of sunlight or even long seasons of warm weather, that they killed beasts and wrapped themselves in animal furs for warmth and cushioned places to rest. They also lived among the cave animals in complete harmony after taming them and learning to get along with them rather than seeing them as a threat or an enemy. After another lengthy period of time, they eventually lost the melanin in their skin – and therefore the ability to reproduce anything but other whites like themselves, pink, yellow-white, or even bordering close to tan, they were still recognized as white peoples, with lighter eyes and a weakened hair structure that was straight rather than the kink of their original ancestors.

There is a well-known saying “Black don’t crack.” And it does appear, most times -though there are a few exceptions- that whiter-skinned people do age faster than many Black people do.


Either way the story goes, white people are not “the” devil, but they certainly seem to be highly influenced by what the Savior referred to as The Devil. He Himself stated “The thief cometh for naught but to steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10).

That has most assuredly been their every move and mandate and edict against Black people and people of color the world over, exceptions notwithstanding.

Their own story/theory is that they came from monkeys and/or apes (the ‘Lucy Theory’ mentioned in Part I) just about 10,000 years ago (see “Walking with Cavemen” on Netflix). They began to and/or were taught to walk upright, clean themselves, and taught how to make weapons for hunting and capturing food.

That is around the time they began to use those weapons to hunt man, to hunt African people, to the detriment of those who had once fed and nurtured and taken care of them. They essentially bit the hand of their African benefactors, thus unleashing all manner of evil upon the earth and its aboriginal/God-created people.

Yes, the devil does exist.

The Lord said so even though we have never seen a devil personally, or the shape or habitation of it. We take Him at His word, and we see too much evidence of its behaviors and actions whenever we are in its presence or come under its influence or power.

The devil shows its hand in the actions of others, particularly those who open themselves up to to be inhabited, obsessed, or possessed by them. We, too, give the devil permission to hold sway in our lives by participating in certain activities, or by opening the door to it with the word “Yes,” or “Okay. I can do that. I will do that, too.”

No, the devil is not in a hot place called hell underneath the surface of the earth.

Hell is a place of eternal oblivion that is beyond any place that we can go to in a human body. Many believe that we make our own Heaven and Hell right here on Earth.

One thing is certain above all else, Earth is most assuredly the devil’s playground. For the time being.


The Chained Heart
The Chained Heart

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