The Forgiving Negro: The Silent Factor on Why Racism Continues in America


Let us set aside for a brief moment the historical factors contributing to racism. Everyone has heard them all ‘ad nauseum.’ Everyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock knows what they are. No one in their right mind disputes them any more.

Let us also set aside the “hit and run” potshot racists who like to take their media jabs at progressive Blacks in America, who know they will walk with very little sustained damage and just say “sorry” like the low-hanging-fruit-bottom-feeding-weak-cockroach-den-infested cowards that they really are.

Let us get to the heart of the matter of the real reason racism continues in America – and that is … [some] Black people themselves.

Yesterday, two news pieces hit the airwaves.

Nathan and Scarlett sitting in a tree...
Georgia’s Nathan Deal and his love for slave-holding whites

Even if we take into account that these reports might be social media “ruses” meant to distract, skew, and re-define the conversation on Paula Deen’s network “faux pas” in which it was discovered that the former Southern Food Network Queen with the ultimate bad grammar desired to “throw a backyard picnic party where she would have Black people dress up as slaves and serve” [apparently herself and some other dressed-up whites in deep south pre-reconstruction garb] … the word is out.

1) Steve Harvey was reported and noted to have recently opened the FRONT door for Paula Deen to “mentor” young Black males. One of his never-ending post-reconstruction era mentoring programs only continues because the slaves nor their remnant descendants were ever paid for their nearly 400 years of toil and bloodshed labor that made the Paula Deen types rich enough to be on slave-labor-paid television, though Deen is not one of the best cooks in the south.

I watched my grandmother and beloved Auntie Mabel cook when I was growing up and Deen is a sheer screw-up in the kitchen who really has no clue how to cook. She was just “southern ooey gooey crunchy crusty fried chicken pickle” cute, to them.

2) Paula Deen was apparently converged upon by some  “forgiving Negroes” (no, they are not all of the “Christian slave” mentality) who asked for her fried chicken recipe and screamed at her “Black people still love you Paula!” [Bet none of them were hetero’s, but we’ll save that for another dialogue.]

Hold the hell up. Speak for your damned black selves, Paula Deen Fried Chicken Lovers!

First of all, WE are Black people also, and WE have no love whatsoever for a white woman who thought slavery was such a small and unimportant thing on America’s landscape that she would “reminisce” about it in the way that only a privileged white female can.

What’s even worse is the quickness with which it is possible to associate any Negroes who would associate with her as (a) the types of Africans who sold our unwanted ancestors into slavery in exchange for beads and cocoa and cane molasses stolen off their own land, something that can be considered and IS a completely traitorous, treasonous, and treacherous act against their own native blood-inheritance brothers and sisters; and (b) the types of Black people in the United States, formerly African, who cause racism in America to continue unabashed and uninhibited.

First of all …

Let’s just take it for granted that if Deen had said she wanted a bunch of FAGS to dress in fairy costumes and unicorn outfits and sprinkle pixie dust all over her picnic guests, GLAAD and Lambda Legal Defense would have had her head on a silver heirloom platter stuffed with a roasted apple.

Let’s again take it for granted that if Deen had said she wanted to throw a picnic party with a bunch of illegal Mexican ALIENS with wet backs picking fresh beans and peas in her own makeshift plantation garden and have a Juan Valdez character come through on a donkey serving fresh bean ground coffee by little girls dressed in Quinceañera outfits dancing for their money, LULAC and La Raza would have her pushed into infinity and beyond in wooden packing crates.


Let’s once more take it for granted that if Deen had said she wanted to throw a “Holocaust Memorial Party” with a pack of shyster Jewish people in a big pretend Concentration Camp with a Hitleresque character shoving them food rations in a tin can while she and her blonde blue-eyed partygoers sat outside and enjoyed fresh crispy duck a’la orange and apple strudel stuffed with homemade cream, the Anti-Defamation League and B’nai B’rith International would have had her take a steam shower with piped in carbon monoxide gas and been done with her with a quickness.

What the hell really?

The NAACP, the SCLC, not even the scarce and rarely-mentioned National Urban League or the Congressional Black Caucus had a peep of a word to say about it — they just barely slashed at it, and what’s even WORSE is more Black people footnoting it and endorsing it.


You can be rest assured that any Black person in America who would break bread at a table with Paula Deen, play footsies and sing Kumbaya after this episode is most assuredly a Black person who, if slavery were to come around again, would run like “Kizzy” and try to sell our Black asses off to the highest bidder.

“Massa! They’s a coming! They’s a coming! The Union Army is heah!”And what makes it even worse for them … they would be getting nothing in return for their efforts except killed themselves.

If you remember that “darker than dark” dazed look on Kizzy’s face in ROOTS when Missy Ann pushed her black behind back down the stairs and told her, paraphrased, “You can’t come up here and hide with us! You git back down there and stay with the other niggers and pray your Black ass is still alive when they git done!” Awww…she really thought Missy Ann was her friend, too. Po’ child.

That smell of smoke is their hides tanning on a barbecue spit.

The one thing SOME Black folks don’t seem to know about history is that those Union Armies didn’t come to save their Black bottoms, they came to get a job done. The slaves were told that if they were lucky enough to live for another day, they best be grateful and expect nothing more from the United States of America BUT their freedom. It was the PRICE they, and they alone, had to pay to be circumstantially free. But were they really free like white-folk-who-fought-against-Mother-England free?

To this day, untold millions of Black people around America are still swirling in the dust that the U.S. Civil War’s Reconstruction Era left behind.

It can be rightly assumed and righteously said that the only reason Steve Harvey is mentoring Black males and President Obama has had to step forward and have a conversation with us called “My Brother’s Keeper”, yet ANOTHER post-Reconstruction era program targeting young Black men, is because the descendants of those slaves were never redeemed in the first place. Myself included.

This is why racism will never end in America: [Those kinds of] Black folk.

Like crap music and chitterlings…white people can poop in a plate and piss in a glass, and tell some Black folks to eat it with their hands and be thankful they have anything at all. Some are most assuredly REAL happy for the nourishment that kills and diseases them the most.

Forgiveness is one thing, it’s a must for survival in many cases; but pure fringe lunatic forgiveness that overwhelmingly contributes to and BOOTSTRAPS the biggest cause of racism in TODAY’s America is another thing ALL together.

For those of you who do believe in God and think forgiveness is expedient, King David himself wouldn’t even have done that. He prayed for God to give him the strength to cut off the heads of his enemies and spared none when he did so. This isn’t God’s kind of forgiveness, it’s just being a pure dee sold-out self-absorbed idiot. When did you know of the Bible speaking in terms of God being such a pancake type of wuss when it came to the outright despicable behaviors of barbaric demons and such pompous pretentious and unrighteous people?

Yes, the dominating powers can casually and continually dismiss the lives of Black people.

Some of us, far too many of us, don’t place any more value on the lives or worth of Black people than do and did Lil’ Boosie, JayZ, Michael Jordan, Michael Richards, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Steve Harvey, Paula Deen or her antiquated ‘hate-niggas-but-love-nigga-money’ ancestors.

And the Swindler’s List goes on…

Malcolm X
Click this ICON to sign the PETITION — “Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation: Retract Your Endorsement for Paula Deen” campaign.

Fantasia likes married men and “bad boys”: Encouraging bad behavior in the Black community only contributes to racist activity.


PUBLIC NOTE: The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of the Urban Intellectuals, affiliates or partners.



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    PUBLIC NOTE: The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of the Urban Intellectuals, affiliates or partners.

  2. Chuck Williams

    Behind the curtain, MK-Ultra coordinated with MSM has total control of the Internet now, and the sheep are back to grazing and being sheard.They still control how people think, it’s more than politics.


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