Spurs’ Popovich On Race: “The United States Has Systematically Destroyed Black People”

by | Feb 5, 2017 | News | 0 comments

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It amazes me that some white people can see oppression clear as day yet some black people think it doesn’t exist. Spurs coach Popovich has been very vocal about police brutality, racism, capitalism, and systematically how the government destroyed black people.

I think the next step would be for him and other coaches to be more aggressive with putting pressure on the NBA to get involved with helping on these issues. Last time I checked, they had no problems with boycotting Charlotte for the All-Star game due to Charlotte having laws discriminating against LGBT community.

We all know the only way to stop our problems is to hit them where it hurts, and that is those pockets. To no avail, I’m glad that the coach is still vocal about the truth of this country.

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