Sean Spicer Hid In The Bushes To Avoid Comey Questions And Now He Has Disappeared!

by | May 12, 2017 | Politics News | 0 comments

So, it seems the newest victim of Trump’s erratic administration may be one of the most visible men. Sean Spicer, who love him or hate him (yeah, more the latter from me) does have a tough job!

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And when the news broke that Trump had just fired FBI director James Comey Spicey was in peril.

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He literally went and hid behind some bushes huddled with his team for a number of minutes! It’s mad rise to some funny memes (such as the one where Homer from the Simpsons disappeared into the bush).

And since then, since the White House was upset that he didn’t know how to deal with it (which is fair, how the hell do you deal with that sh*t storm?

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) he has been pulled from his normal press briefings….. He may never come back at this point!

Watch more in the report below:

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