She risked her life to hold them accountable (VIDEO)

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I am in awe of what this lady achieved and in the time she did it! To have this strength at these times is something I will never ever be able to imagine in full and because of her the horrors of many were exposed.

She is so important to us that she is one of the only figures to appear in Both our Black History Flashcards volume 1 and Volume 2!

Thank you Ida!

In the late 1800’s, lynchings were happening all over the American South, often without any investigation or consequences for the murderers. A young journalist set out to expose the truth about these killings.

Her reports shocked the nation, launched her journalism career and a lifelong pursuit of civil rights. Christina Greer details the life of Ida B. Wells and her tireless struggle for justice.

[Directed by Anna Nowakowska, narrated by Christina Greer, music by Matthias Runge].

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