Raid on Illegal Body Part Selling Operation in Chicago, Warned In Hidden Colors 3

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In the documentary “Hidden Colors 3”, they talk about the secret world of underground organ and body part trafficking of black people in this country. It was an outrageous claim for anyone to make in this country, but recent news validates the claim.

Tuesday afternoon in the Chicago suburb of Rosement and a second undisclosed location, the FBI raided Biological Resource Center labs in search of human body parts chopped up, packaged for sale.

chicago body partsAgents working in white hazmat suits are collecting evidence, body parts and information on the companies and people associated with this illegal business.

The FBI was led to the Chicago suburbs following a lead on the paperwork seized in raid on Biological Resource Center in Detroit, December of 2013, and the same company in Phoenix, January 2014.

According to ABC News 7: …body parts of thousands of different people, arms, legs, heads– all kept on ice and not embalmed so they would be fresh for the black market.

The raids and research led the FBI to the President of International Biological, Authur Rathburn. His Mortuary Science License was revoked by the State of Michigan as he was tied to Biological Resource Center in Detroit, Phoenix and presumably Chicago.

No one has been charged with a crime, but sources say with this latest raid in Chicago, they can wrap up the case.

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  1. Dbob

    Dick Gregory have been talking about this for years

    • destiny p

      right!stay woke!

  2. Krystal Delvalle

    Wow that’s great smh that makes me feel safe in my country ___!


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