Principal Mops His Own Office Everyday, The Reason Why Will Make You Tear Up!

by | Jan 22, 2017 | News | 0 comments

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Gabe Sonnier isn’t your typical principal. With a smile frozen on his face (he tries to frown, and fails miserably), you can tell there’s something different about him. And you’re right. He’s been at this school for more than 20 years, but unlike most principals, he started here as the janitor.

When the then-principal met Gabe, he believed in him in a way nobody else ever had. It was this push forward that put Gabe on the path he’s on today, and he’s learned some valuable lessons along the way. This is what can be defined as “Lifting as we climb”. When you see a brother or sister that has potential to be something better than what he or she already is, it is your duty to get him or her there.

We have to get away from this “American Dream” way of living. I got mines so you go get yours. As black people, we already have it hard enough, we must learn from this example and help pull each other up. I love you. Peace.

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