President Trump Wants To Make Major Changes To Vaccines Given To Children That Could Benefit African Americans

by | Jan 24, 2017 | News | 0 comments

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I know we all have our feelings about Donald Trump, but he has made a bold move that could possibly be in our favor. President Trump has asked Robert Kennedy to be the head of a commission on vaccines that cause autism. Well who is Robert Kennedy and why is that important? Some time ago we wrote an article on Robert Kennedy stating that the CDC knew that mercury caused autism in kids, especially African-American males (see article here).

Robert Kennedy has even met with Minister Louis Farrakhan on this matter and expressed his concerns about the growing rate of autism amongst African-American males. Additionally, President Trump has had an issue with vaccines for a long time. See video below:

With Robert Kennedy at the head of a new commission on vaccines, we could possibly see a change in how vaccines are given and if they should be made mandatory for a child to go to school or not. If this pans out, this could be a major victory for our young African-American males.

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