Praise the Lord … and Pass the Cigarettes


Scene at a local store:
“I want the Salem Lights 100s.”
Clerk brings out the regular Salems.
“That’s not what I asked for.”
“This is all we have, unless you want the shorts.”
“I’ll take those then. And hallelujah. Praise the Lord.”
“No, Ma’am. God ain’t blessing that.”

It dawned on me just exactly what God is allegedly “blessing,” based on what is present and occurring in the holy roller support systems …

1) Sistahs in church chasing after married pastors so they can be Third or Fourth Wife and First Lady;
2) Porn-watching ho-chasing preacher/pimps;
3) TV-worshiping blingsters trying to be something they were not ordained to be;
4) Gay-supporting ‘christian’ choirs and music ministers;
5) Church members who watch Empire and Scandal and think “it’s just a TV show”;
6) Local Black businesses losing customers and clients to “Empire Watch Parties,”
7) Church members who pay $60 million for an over-bloated pastor to have a private jet rather than $60 million to build nations and Black businesses in their own communities in order to hire their own jobless and homeless people in their own communities;
8) pastors and church members who criticize gay marriage when their own is falling apart or dead; and
9) that’s not the half of it.


That’s where they spend their money; and that is apparently what God is supporting and “blessing” with those tithes.

I think I need a free? cigarette, I mean an “all-consuming fire,” that white people don’t make a profit off of. And a chilled glass of crushed fermented grapes, I mean glass of “free? holy water“, to go with it — the blessed kind that white people don’t make a profit from. And some of that holy sanctified nightclub rap music that they play in church these days…the kind nobody profits from.

#buyblack #buycott #boycottwhatonblackfriday


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