Part VIII – 2019 is Here: Time to Stop Lying About SNAP/Food Stamps

Now you know what are the real causes of poverty nationwide and worldwide, and it's not "lazy" people who "watch porn" all day.


Meme says it all …

Maybe we need to put the BS about food stamp recipients to rest once and for all.

Trump and his Klan, the usual idiots with all of those long-proven-wrong race narratives, are getting old and tiring to hear, let alone are we ever tired of playing into them.

It is ALL Their Fault

Intentional planned poverty and corporate welfare by the rich white causes this, not lazy people who “watch porn” all day. And even if it were true, if they’d stop putting the porn out there to ALSO get rich off of, there wouldn’t be any to watch. Besides, Star Parker has a mental heath problem if she is watching food stamps recipients watching porn all day – must be some kind of turn on for her.


Hint: Next time someone tells you to “get a job,” ask them how much they are paying you to get one, when are they going to hire you, and what day and time you start work.

Bet they can’t, or won’t.

Your “Precedent” Just Told His Own Employees to Go to Str8 Hell by His Actions Alone

… and is simultaneously treating them like slaves – in a nation that outlawed slavery a long time ago. Allegedly.

Trump says he isn’t concerned (doesn’t care really) about paychecks for federal government employees, and at the same time, he’s cutting off the food stamps they likely need to eat now.

That says all it needs to about the REAL causes of poverty and welfare in America and who is behind it, especially coming from elected officers who can afford to stick a few paychecks in a drawer and not cash them for weeks or even months at a time.

Now you know who has the real “Plantation & Slave Mentality.”

To Be Continued …


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