Part VI – 2019 is Coming: When Is Black America Going to Stop Playing Head Games with “Immigrants”?

America is a NATION OF IMMIGRANTS., voluntary and involuntary. That's what already made it first from the get-go. We don't need Trump to tell us to do what we already accomplished eons ago.


First it was Injuns. (Immigrants)

Then it was “niggers”./Negroes, to put it politely. (Involuntary immigrants)

Then it was Spics. (Immigrants)

Then it was Muslims. (Immigrants)

Then it was Arabs. (Immigrants)

Then it cycled back around to Muslims. Now we’re back at Spics/Hispanics.

How long before the nation is back to victim-bashing niggers and Injuns again, or does America already have Black America in its hip pocket? How long before ‘old white men in America with jewish money’ stop pointing the finger of blame for America’s problems at everyone BUT themselves?

Awketty bawk bawk. The terrorists are (mostly) rolling around in their drug-addicted gun-toting alcohol-drizzled heads.

Divide & Conquerism: Immigrant Returns on Investment

Let’s get real.

Hispanic people in America (Mexicans, “illegals” of all kinds, really) contribute more than $11.5 BILLION to this nation’s economy.

They don’t get a tenth of that back in social services. And that’s just the money THAT GETS COUNTED, not all of the money that flows in and out ‘under the table’.

They pay into the social security system, they get NOTHING out of it. They are, even as we speak, helping to finance YOUR social security and government benefits.

They don’t have any jobs that Black people want or can’t get, period.

About That Damnable Border Wall Trump Wants

It’s not needed, nor is it necessary.

When I lived in “Aryanzona,” (their name for that state and it is well-deserved, trust me), I did a news article “special”. It called for quotes from the Border police down in Pima, Pinal County, and Tucson.

Quote: “Nobody here has a clue what they are talking about. There aren’t any problems here that haven’t been going on for the past 25 years, and we have had that under control for a long time.”

Quote: “Must be an election year.” HA HA HA HA !! (several cops heard laughing in the background)

Governor Jan Brewer, show us the beheaded illegals. President Obama even went down to see them for himself and she made headlines for pointing her nasty boney drunken finger in his face at the airstrip. He didn’t find any, either.

Quote: “I’m so close to that damned wall I can spit on it from my office window and hit the target. We haven’t seen any beheaded illegals. Don’t know where she gets that from.”


Quote: “Why don’t you come down here yourself and see it? If you find one out there, let me know. I’ll be on my lunch break.”

People. Stop. It.

America First? It’s a “Nation of Immigrants”…d’uh

Since we ended slavery by demanding the right to be free and to be treated as human beings, America has not experienced a moment when it was NOT “first” … in just about everything you can name, from space exploration to setting the best standards for higher education.

We built it. We built THIS.

Unless America has a desire to be a Communist Fascist nation, then there should be no division of that kind between North and South America. AT ALL.

Our “walls” are up enough. Time to tear them down.

Create your own prison?

America’s Abuses Make for Bad Company South of the Border

This nation, with the world’s biggest and most precarious drug addicts, often cause the crimes that cause the “illegals” to run here for sanctuary. The possibility of a better future other than what we hand them down in their own homeland should be respected. Who knows? Maybe if we get off the drugs, they don’t need to run here anymore?

Besides, damned near everything West of the Mississippi was theirs from the start. And damned near everything East of it once belonged to Native Americans who came here through Alaska and other inlets.

We’re all immigrants, voluntary and/or involuntary.

America is a NATION OF IMMIGRANTS, that’s what built it, and that’s what MADE IT FIRST from the very start – that’s what made it great DECADES ago.

Nobody needed Trump to tell us to do what was already done without his help.

Stop it.


To Be Continued…


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