Oprah’s Network, Michael Sam Documentary Follows First Gay NFL Player’s Quest To Make The Rams

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History will be made as the Oprah Winfrey Network follows the NFL’s first openly gay players quest to make an NFL team, according to the Associated Press.

The St. Louis Rams selected Michael Sam in the seventh round of the NFL Draft. Sam was the SEC Defensive Player of the year, but slipped to the seventh round of the draft to the dismay of many. However, after he had a sub par combine workout, many doubt his ability to play professional football.

Oprah-Michael-Sam-550The documentary, reality show will follow Michael Sam during his trials and tribulations to make the team by taking an up close view of his journey to make the team.

It is unclear how much access the Oprah Winfrey Network will be given to the St. Louis Rams locker room, practice field and facilities at the moment. In fact, many are surprised this documentary is even allowed being Coach Jeff Fisher is notorious for wanting to keep privacy and the spectacles of NFL player’s lives out of the locker room, off the news cameras creating distractions for the football team.


Despite the reservations, this is history in the making and something that many want to see documented.

The reaction of Sam in the locker room from current and ex-NFL players has been varied. Some people think as long as he can be a valuable contributor to the team, then he will be welcomed with open arms as the only thing that matters is production on the field. Others believe the distraction of the history making Sam will be too much for the team, locker room and the young man.

The speculation surrounding the seventh round draft pick is what is driving the demand to see his journey first hand.

Oprah, being a savvy business woman, knows all eyes will be watching as people want to know the struggles Sam faces during this trying period and the ratings should be excellent for her network.

Like or lump it, the Michael Sam story will be on front stage for the world to see.

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