Nino Brown Shuts Down Folks Who Try to Silence His Comments Against Trump’s Immigration Ban

by | Feb 5, 2017 | Celebrities | 0 comments

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Wesley Snipes has spoken out against the Muslim ban imposed by President Donald Trump and he doesn’t have time for anyone who says celebrities should shut up and stick to entertaining. Wesley Snipes has shown he conscious by promoting black movies through his production company Amen Ra films.

In a tweet posted Tuesday, Jan. 31, Wesley Snipes believes the ban on all Muslims is totally unnecessary. He completed the message with a video showing an Iranian-American man crying over the situation.

Trump supporters really believe they are superior to anyone that doesn’t think like them. Odds are there will be many a** whippings handed out to white people over the next 4 years due to their false feeling of empowerment. Brace yourselves and protect yourselves.

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