Never Forget, Bill Cosby …


Cosby and Trump sittin in a tree ... k i s s i n g ...

I mean WHODAHAYELL goes into a hotel room with a MARRIED MAN, without his wife present, and “drinks” with him without knowing what they were going there for in the first place? Hint: It ain’t Jell-O Pudding Pops, baby, chocolate or vanilla. Now it’s not a hotel, but them “Hoes Tell.”


people, is NEVER voluntary.

Yet these women all signed up for it in order to get at the money and the fame, some are out there doing it right now, so watch how quickly LAMAR ODOM becomes a rapist down the road because he took his nutcase behind to a high-paid Celebrity Brothel and got caught. Then these women get old and decrepit some years later, not so hot on the ‘Ho Market’ one day … and now they’re suddenly mad about being “raped”?

They should have been MAD at themselves when they did what they did with a man they didn’t have any business being with in the first place. They couldn’t prove rape 30 years ago when it allegedly happened, and now they can? – and STILL NOW with NO EVIDENCE OF ANY of IT WHATSOEVER.

In Defense of Women and the Men They (don’t) Screw Around With

They go in, some totally alone…some escorted by their mothers (with all DUE respect to Brooke Shields who had to go through rehab because of what her mother did to her), thinking they were “cute enough” to sleep their way into a respectable career in Hollywood. As we all know, that only works out for essential REALLY GOOD-LOOKING sluts like Kim Kardashian. Ivana Trump, Marla Maples ETC., and even Nancy Reagan, who actually ended up married to her “john,” and for those beauties like Julia “Pretty Woman” Roberts, et al … If you stop too think about it, Donald “john” Trump and Kanye West-Kardashian ABSOLUTELY do have a “brotherhood” connection between them, a couple of things in common, especially when it comes to ‘wife selection’.

Now, as a woman who was offered a chance to ‘make money’ by selling my body, I can look back now and know that I made the right decision. I could not make a choice that would have had me growing up known to my sons and grandchildren for life as a ‘common street hooker.’ I knew I didn’t have “the look” Hollywood looks for, so it wouldn’t have mattered who I screwed to get there.

In DEFENSE of women such as myself who don’t do such things ever and would NEVER, I have not carried a notion to walk into a room with a man, married or not, VOLUNTARILY and then come out hollering “rape.”

Gotta give them credit for going for The MONEYED, though.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

WOMEN have got to learn to take responsibility for their own actions in these matters (and so do the MEN who are too ashamed to holler ‘rape’ after they turned up their asses to Hollywood Homos for a chance at it). They either got paid for providing a service, or they did it “pro bono” in the HOPE of a shot at the Holy Grail of a Screen Test, but they certainly were not forced into it.

Keep your panties up, girls, and leave them male hoes alone … so that WHEN you holler RAPE, it actually means you were raped and did NOT leave a ‘gray area’ where you really have nothing to say except “I said NO, but I really MEANT yes” {by your own actions}. Remember, in Cosby’s case, NONE of those women were minors and NONE were forced into these situations, and SAID so themselves. On the other hand, I guess Regular Government Named “Bill” now understands why his name could have been “Shaqshita Quinipookie” Cosby and the Rules of Rampant Racism STILL apply.

I understand why men get confused about that shit. YOU stop leaving a window and door open for the confusion.

Sooner or later, everybody gets a shot at The Big Time, even if they didn’t go to acting school. Be there when they need an old bag lady to walk through the set of My Best Friend’s Wedding echoing “KIMMIE!” Be there for the walk-through role on Pretty Woman screaming “What’s YO dream?! Errybody come to Hollywood got a dream! What’s YO dream!” Those folks got lifetime FAME just for being in the right place at the right time, THE END. Better to be the “old bag lady” that everybody remembers than to be the “old fat grey hooker who couldn’t cut it in a screen test” for the lead role.

How Women Play Into the Rape Factor

‘NO’ means NO walking or wandering or meandering into hotel rooms with men, married or not. ‘NO’ means NO drinking with them under any circumstances that would have them misunderstand or MISSTATE your position, and ‘NO’ means report your sorry Mama’s ass to the police if she is trying to run HER game and her tragedy by using YOUR ass as leverage to get what SHE wants … and that means females like you, too, Blue Dress Wearer with Bill Clinton’s DNA stains on it, sorry Monica Lewinsky-with-a-name-not-a-hashtag. Your MAMA did that shit to you…

Let’s be real about ALL of it, because all those bitches who call themselves your ‘friend’ ain’t always the friend they claim to be. MANY women have been raped BECAUSE OF OTHER WOMEN, also; and even someone as famous as Malia Obama is constantly surrounded by white females (alleged ‘college gal friends’) who keep putting her “up on some game” about her being as ho-ish as THEY are, and then publicizing it to make her look just as nasty.


In Defense of BLACK Women, esp. Camille Cosby

In the end, this whole parade on Cosby was really all about WHITE women.

The #metoo Hashtag Movement, which was started by a Black woman by the name of Tarana Burke, is disaffected when it comes down to sexual predators.

Most Black women have been historically portrayed throughout American history as a pack of hot-natured rowdy loud bad-attitude “Jezebels” who SHOULD be raped because they really like it. [Side-Noted that it is really white men who are the OBD’s (Original Baby Daddies) who raped Black women and left them to raise their children alone and any Black man who does it is truly only “acting white.”]

BUT … Back to the topic at hand:

UNFORTUNATELY, a lot of us ARE “hot jezzies,” and are NO DIFFERENT than lust-filled white women who WANT what they cannot earn any other way. But that color-coding is something else, is it not?

Then they get what they asked for, can’t make the SCREEN TEST, don’t get what they WANTED, and then later get mad when they really should accept that those running the SCREEN TESTs don’t give a flying freak that you eff’d Bill Cosby OR Bill Clinton. You got to have “the look” that makeup can fix … and IT, whatever IT is in Hollywood they are looking for.

If you do not have IT and the talent and skills, they don’t CARE who you screwed, really. The women who ‘MAKE IT’ in those areas actually “look like” Halle Berry used to look, and how Sanaa Latham and Gabrielle Union look now – women who actually have acting skills and “the WHATEVER” it was Hollywood was looking for when they auditioned. It isn’t just about the sex, it never was and never will be. Do NOT be naive when understanding that screwing someone is NOT a guarantee.


Back in the day, Ghetto girls from all over used to hit up rappers backstage for “tracks” … by screwing them. We called it “FFT” (‘f’ing for tracks’). If they come out now, YEARS LATER … hollering about being “raped” like these white women do, they are going to get laughed at- even harder by Black people than by other whites, who will join in the fray and help them to call these girls out as “common back-door Groupies.”

NOW … that said …

If you ain’t got it LIKE THAT, like “The Beautiful Ones” that Prince used to sing about, then you cannot surgically nor cosmetically make yourself what you are not — AND you cannot SLEEP your way where you do not belong.

Even the white cows and hussies who screwed Elvis Presley endlessly and back-to-back knew better than to go in that direction. They got what they went there for – a chance to have sex with Presley, and they left happy with that. Elvis … when asked how in the world he could “eff” that many women so quickly … (rumor had it that he ‘did’ at least 7 or 8 within 15 minutes) … he answered “It makes them happy. I like making them happy.” Even the ones who claimed to have had Elvis’ LOVE CHILD, later on, couldn’t claim he actually raped them.

Sweet Camille Cosby

Then there is “Dear Sweet Camille” – someone ought to write a book about that long-suffering woman, and her nemesis, like a Hillary Clinton-stereotype.

That ‘stand by your man’ thing is absolutely RIGHT on their parts, as they should do.

One thing is certain above all, of both of those ‘Bills’, they would never have come home with another man’s fecal material on their penises, which is EVEN WORSE than what they actually DID get put through.

But that’s ANOTHER chapter in this entire “rape saga”… . Next drama: “The Raped Males of Hollywood.”


Cosby – Accused Rapist/Sexual Predator – “Convicted”
Trump – Accused Rapist/Sexual Predator/Child Molester – “President”
Cosby – Allegations/confessions more than 25 years old, Statute of Limitations changed to accommodate skin color considerations – “Convicted”
Trump – Allegations/confessions within last 10 years, Statute of Limitations does not apply. Ever. – “President”
Cosby – Nothing Proven. – “Convicted”
Trump – Nothing Proven. – “President”
Cosby – In Hefner/Fleiss/Flynn Brothels with Trump. – “Convicted”
Trump – In Hefner/Fleiss/Flynn Brothels with Cosby. – “President”
Cosby – All victims 18 and older, working as prostitutes at that time. – “Convicted”
Trump – Many victims under the age of 18 at the time, most 18 and older and working as prostitutes. – “President”


Bill Cosby didn’t “divide Black America.” YOU all decided white America should receive different treatment when it comes to sexual predators, and that is as it is, since we are all ‘still’ under the impact of slavery and plantation-headedness. That is neither Cosby’s fault OR his problem. That’s on YOU. Shoot, Cosby was the one trying to provide a better way to BE Black, though it does appear that his name being “BILL” didn’t help him this time. He’d have to be “Bill Clinton” to get a pass from Black folks on being a sexual predator.


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4 thoughts on “Never Forget, Bill Cosby …”

  1. Even though some of you may regret what Bill Cosby is going through he did have a wild
    past and it just caught up with him you cannot live like a wolf in sheep’s clothing it catches up with you whether you have a name or not it’s all you got

    1. Problem is … it hasn’t caught up with the other rapists ie, whoremongers who were WITH Bill Cosby when it all happened, mainly one of them because he has white skin and you all are calling him “president.” The racism rests, not with Bill Cosby, but with the refusal to treat all others the same, which means sexual assault and sexual harassment is a joke. If Richard Pryor had still been alive — and he is another who traveled in those Hugh Hefner Ho-circles with Bill Cosby and all the others — he would have been “convicted,” too … but not Woody Allen or all of the other white skins who did the same, because they are white and for no other reason than that. This is BIGGER than Bill Cosby, it goes BEYOND Bill Cosby that they would even set aside a 20-year STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS to accommodate a Black man, but the Statue of Limitations ran out more than 10 years ago for the WHITE ONES WHO DID THE SAME. THAT is the REAL PROBLEM, not Bill Cosby’s decrepit choices, but the WAY in which it was handled. All things considered, Black America ought to be having an official ‘OJ Simpson Day’, especially with the KIND of racism that this country has handed down for CENTURIES that has not been rectified or resolved to this moment in time. Except … OJ still doesn’t have a lick of sense to bless himself with.

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  3. lorrie Can Discuss Everything

    1= Bill Clinton had multiple affairs with women who were consenting adults, no career or ulterior motives. They all testified twice before grand juries that there was no money involved, no career motives involved. Just two adults that had temporary attraction to each other. Until of course Trump paid them to sit in on one of the debates when Trump made it seem Bill was the wrong doer. Why did he leave off Monica Lewinski? Because she said from the beginning that yes she knew he was married, but she was sexually attracted to him and she propositioned him, not the other way around. 2= Trump still has almost 20 lawsuits pending against him for sexual misconduct. There are two that had affairs with him in 2006 & 2007, that never came forward until this year when Trump’s personal lawyer suddenly paid them each over $130K out of the blue to sign Non Disclosure Agreements stating they would never provide information to anyone about their temporary sexual affairs ten years before Trump was elected president. Neither of these women asked to be paid, one has offered to return the money she said she never agreed or asked for. Trump’s lawyer says he paid the money out of his own pocket, his own private money and that Trump never knew. Trump’s lawyer can’t explain why he set up two shell bank accounts in the Bahamas to transfer the money around thinking it couldn’t be traced. Trump is also being sued for libel and defamation of character for slandering these women. 3= Bill Cosby admits he put drugs in these women’s drinks to relax them and they couldn’t fight back while he did whatever he wanted sexually to them. One was a 15year old girl. The first woman was an African-American basketball coach that he secretly paid $3.4million to and had her sign a non disclosure agreement at that time. Due to the statutory of limitations of the sex crimes Bill Cosby has been committing since the 1970’s, there are only three that were still able to take him to court, and he was found guilty on all three accounts. No money has been awarded, the women wanted justice and the world to know what they have been through. Bill Cosby and his wife are going to end up broke because of all the legal fees his attorneys have been charging him. I no longer feel sorry for Camile, she knew what was going on but chose to look away, as long as she got to live the lifestyle she wanted.

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