We shouldn’t be having this tussle, not in 2020 where institutions should not be discriminating over what is part of our culture. Locks are part of our culture and asking them to be taken away is discrimination plain and simple.

Houston Texans’ star DeAndre Hopkins thinks so too and he recently showed his support for a Barbers Hills High School student Deandre Arnold who was suspended over the length of his locks last week.

The Texans’ star is also a locks wearer, so from one locks wearing DeAndre to another he had some advice.

“Never cut your locks Deandre Arnold,”
(source: https://twitter.com/DeAndreHopkins/status/1220000615478239233?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw)

The Barbers Hill School District had released a written statement that read:

“We do have a community-supported hair length policy & have had for decades. Barbers Hill is a state leader with high expectations in all areas!”

We know this is BS and glad some big support is coming in now!

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