It’s not exactly a secret that racism is institutionalised and being black in school already puts you at so many disadvantages. For that reason more black teachers are needed, this is obvious.

Now a study has been published that puts some data to this, saying that:

“African-American public school students, who are 54% less likely than their white peers to be identified as eligible for gifted-education services, get a clear boost if their teacher is African-American as well. The research finds that such a student is three times more likely to be placed in a gifted program than if he or she has a white teacher.”


Now, of course directly matching a child to a teacher of the same race is dangerous but diversity is certainly needed and the gap based on color needs to be killed if as a country we want tp push forward in the way we should.

What do you think?

The full study appears in the most recent issue of The Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.


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