We absolutely love positivity when it comes to the black community. And this report makes me smile because I get to share a little bit of good news with you.

Each year TIME magazine produces various list for us all to enjoy and be made aware of new people doing great things. One of these list include the most influential teenagers and our young Moziah Bridges has made the list.

Moziah is the 13 year old founder and CEO of Mo’s Bows. He started the company at the tender age of just 9 years old and built it up to a point where it appeared on Shark Tank.

While in the Tank, Moziah was able to ink a deal with Damon John, the FUBU founder and multi-millionaire. With Damon’s assistance, Moziah has been able to grow Mo’s Bows into a wonderful company doing over $200,000 a year in apparel sales.

He has licensing deals with Cole Haan, Neiman Marcus and others thanks to his mentor and partner, Damon John. His company even had the pleasure of supplying the 2015 NBA draft class with bow ties for their big night.

There is no doubt the future of Moziah is bright, but we are excited he is being widely recognized as an influencer in the community and the world.
Congratulations, Moziah Bridges on your great work and bright future!

Moziah Bridges

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