More Than 153,000 Votes Brian Kemp Made “Go Missing” in Georgia

2019: Four Hundred Years Later ... and we're still spinning around in circles talking about the same shit our ancestors were talking about 150 years ago. Who dropped the ball?


Well, I mean let’s go for the “D’uh”-Factor.

When you live in a state that allows the Secretary of State who controls the vote to remain in office and run for Governor, you should expect some votes to come up missing to make him a winner, and the majority of those votes should be black and colored.

If we haven’t figured out by now that the racist Republican Party has been vote-stealing for at least the past 100 years since Black people fought for the right to vote and won/didn’t win, then you might need to go back to American History 101 and figure it out.

It’s nothing new that America is racist as hell… TRUMP THE DEMAGOGUE

It’s nothing new that Georgia has been a hotbed of racism stirring up the nation and the world for centuries about the horrible plight of being born black …

It’s nothing new that one ruse after another has been devised to keep black folks in America from having anything at all, from a decent education to a black-empowering business to a house in a decent neighborhood to a good job to a church to a spot next to theirs in a graveyard … that is a historical fact.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that majorly Black and Democratic votes would come up missing when a Black woman is running for Governor of Georgia … it would be kind of ‘not like typical ol’ them’ if it didn’t happen.

Georgians, for the most part, are nothing like Californians, because all of those votes would have shown back up where they disappeared from overnight and asses would have been kicked to the nines with a quickness.


Too many times, we go vote and then sit back and trust the most conniving and corrupt bastards on the planet to do right by us.

The fact that they would try to ditch those registered mail-in votes and “signatures don’t match” votes when it is more than obvious that Abrams would be the CLEAR LANDSLIDE winner with those votes should come as no surprise to any of us.

Blah blah, sameo sameo

If Black folks in Georgia would stop taking a back seat to racism with all of that imperialistic “socio-economic denial” they tend to do, then we would never have to worry about disappearing votes again, even if that means walking them from the point of origin to the tabulator when it’s time for them to be counted.

And the bottom line is: It doesn’t matter who wins, Black folks around the nation need to learn how to follow-through after the election is over, just like we failed to do with Barack Obama.

Mid-terms 2010 and 2014 and our failure to follow-up on those promises we made through electing Barack Obama gave us a racist Republican tea party and the racist Republican tea party gave us Trump, and the racist Republicans don’t have a single problem making sure the shit they shovel out here sticks like poo on flypaper.

We keep going through the same shit because we keep DOING the same shit while expecting something different to happen.

That’s proof positive that “time” would not have done us a bit of good on it’s own if we had just remained happy being little Negro slaves. We’d still have plantations and nothing would have changed at all.

If they can keep using racial demagoguery FOREVER to whip our asses, then those are some asses that need to be whipped.




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