The Lunacy of Moralizing Profit-Making in Healthcare Reform


It’s the issue that won’t go away and won’t end, just like the people it kills.

There are political Conservatives who actually think that they have a moral and Biblical mandate to make money off healthcare, unlike the “Jesus” they claim to follow. On the converse, there are people who are non-believers who think the words “you’re supposed to be a Christian” is a reason for them to abuse others, and to keep them from fighting back and even from cussing someone smack out.

[Enter the ‘money-changer’ tables in the Temple.]

On the one hand, no one has ever had a scriptural or biblical mandate to profit off healthcare. They’d have to show it to me IN THE BIBLE, chapter and verse. They can’t because the only time the Bible mentions the United States is when it refers to the Great Whore of Babylon. And even then, it is only mentioned metaphorically with a level of descriptors that nails this nation down to a fine-pointed “T.”

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On the converse, no one has any business WHATSOEVER holding a believer’s feet to the fire about their personal beliefs. No one has the right to try to make so-called “Christians” feel as if they have no choice but to bow down and take shit off other people just because of their claim of belief. Subject to individual interpretation, King David took the heads off of (literally decapitated) stupid people walking up to him talking smack about God. Yet, God still said he was “a man after mine own heart.”

Now Back to the Topic at Hand

Bible-thumper or Bible-abuser, no individual or corporate entity has any business using the Lord’s name to disparage and do harm to others. You -yourself- did not pay for what which you charge others.


True, doctors and even lawyers, have no obligation to work for free.

But that’s beside the point when no one has any business profiting from these practices, if they are to be fair and equitable. Making a good living is one thing, but denying people access to a human or even an Americanized right over money or the lack of it is another thing all together. The operative word is a GOOD living, not excessive and exorbitant even if it means breaking a Commandment about committing murder.

These matters should never EVER be a topic of conversation for “how to make a profit”. And that means even if they have to be thoroughly handled by government taxpayers as a group matter and taken off the ‘for-profit’ tables for good.

The benefit of Healthcare Reform as Medicare/Medicaid FOR ALL is that it equalizes the offerings of medical assistance because NO ONE makes a profit. But NO ONE works for free either. Of course, if allowed to treat medical care like they do Legal Aid, loss is imminent and everyone should do everything possible to keep that from happening.

Everyone can get treatment and get treated the same and no one loses a thing

It doesn’t matter what gaslighting tricks they pull on or in the media or what lies they tell about the numbers, nobody loses with a ‘shared cost benefit’ intact. It’s a shared cost and that is as it should be.

That is the ONLY thing that makes sense, it is the only thing that is fair.


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  1. the Burial Societies and Savings and Loans of reconstruction served as Black Insurance agencies 100 years ago! we spent a trillion dollars last year, have over 37 millionaires under 40, and about 1/8 of all RNs and specialists nationally are of African Descent , so how is it 2018 we have no t one Black PPO health care insurance plan affordable to the Grassroots community, at a time when Trump is planning to close up City Hospitals and EMS units??

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