Marshawn Lynch Helps Rookie Teammate Tyler Lockett With 401K plan

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Marshawn Lynch majored in social welfare at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. He attended graduate school after leaving the school’s football team following a tremendous three-year career.

For all intents and purposes, Lynch is a smart and engaging individual off the field — even if his relationship with the media might attempt to spin this into a different narrative.

Still, he’s not necessarily the first member of the Seattle Seahawks that we would envision handing out advice on retirement plans.

Richard Sherman graduated from Stanford University with a degree in communications (imagine that) and is a member of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity. Russell Wilson has a bachelor’s degree from North Carolina State and a masters from Wisconsin.

This hasn’t stopped members of the Seahawks from bypassing Sherman and Wilson to take up 401K advice from Lynch.
So, it does seem that Lynch is actually acting as the unofficial head of Seattle’s retirement program. Can’t you just envision him in a big office at the team’s headquarters, behind a huge desk with endless bowls of Skittles at his disposal?

Outside of the likelihood that Lynch is recommending his teammates invest in some specific type of candy, wouldn’t you love to get your hands on his portfolio?

All joking aside, it seems that Lynch has done well for himself off the field. He’s a tremendous presence within the communities of Seattle and his hometown of Oakland. He reportedly considered retirement at the age of 28 — an indication that he’s financially secure.

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Heck, maybe Lynch has found his post-football calling. After all, there is a certain financial firm out there that could use someone with his expertise (and last name).

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