Man Catches Spider Eating A Mouse, Adopts The Spider!

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White people are crazy man! This story comes out of Australia where a man named Jason Womol captured a video of a rare spider carrying a whole mouse up a fridge and trying to eat the mouse whole as they ascend up the refrigerator. This spider was treating that mouse like a fast food meal from McDonalds! The creature is rare species known as a Huntsman Spider. Reports say that it isn’t dangerous and only eat medium-sized prey such as cockroaches, caterpillars and moths. This mouse definitely isn’t medium sized! The video has been viewed 10 million times, undoubtedly freaking out social media users across the world.


What’s the craziest things to me is the reaction of Womol. First, he says in the video that this was “so cool”. Then, he affirms in another Facebook post that the spider is fine and he’s chosen to adopt him. Dude even gave him a pet name: Hermie. Womol says: “He is now running his own extermination business out of our town in Coppabella. Oh and he is now paying rent.” Yeah, that Huntsman Spider is in the human extermination business. Why did he keep that spider? Let that be me and I would’ve knocked down that whole fridge trying to kill that thing! Did you see how big that mouse was? I bet that the spider is going to try Jason when he’s not expecting it. Y’all pray for him!


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