On Malcolm X’s 93rd Birthday … : “The Prince of Islam”

Malcolm X's 93rd Birthday publicly overshadowed by Meghan Markle's Wedding - #THISISAMERICA


We all love beautiful weddings, but truly … really Black America?

Ditching MalcolmX’s birthday today and going gaga over a wedding that has nothing to do with us and does not change our history as Black Americans one jot or one tittle to the GOOD/GREATER/GREATEST Column? Yes, Meghan was born in Los Angeles, and for that, Black America should be proud. She took another bite str8 out of the ass of white supremacy and that’s always a good thing.


Do NOT be Deceived…

Black women don’t need to be jealous and Black men don’t need to be hollering about ‘bed wenches’ over this wedding. The woman Meghan Markle is obviously strikingly beautiful and hauntingly blessed in her marriage, as was Michelle Robinson Obama, and the GOOD NEWS is that she doesn’t have a reputation like Kim Kardashian’s or even Melania Trump’s, whom we also seem to pay TOO much attention to most of these days.

But Malcolm X’s 93rd Birthday being overlooked by royal wedding lookieloo’s and ogglers over a fantasy and fairytale that WE will never be a part of is what we are dealing with here in the USA; it’s kind of ‘ out of boundaries ‘, to say the least. And no, ‘we’ didn’t make a big deal of ANY Royal Weddings, not even Princess Diana’s, because it’s just not a part of the redemptive work or the restorative justice mission of REPARATIONS here in America.

Many Black people/WOMEN with a strong “Cinderella affixation” LOVE to believe that “if it can happen to her, it can happen to us, too,” but the truth is that just like we aren’t Chris “Pursuit of Happyness” Gardner or Oprah, we’re not Meghan Markle either.

It’s a loving LOVING fantasy. and it’s nice and it’s pretty and it’s fluffy and historical for a Black American woman in England, but do not be deceived, tomorrow … as ‘CHILDISH GAMBINO’ has told us in NO uncertain … tomorrow, you still gotta come back here and face what MalcolmX tried to tell us about LONG AGO.

He told us THIS DAY was coming if we didn’t take this world, this nation, seriously on race relations, and as did Martin Luther King Jr., he doubted he would even live to see it — and he was MURDERED BY SELLOUT BLACK MEN who still live among us now… so enjoy this momentary royal wedding commercial interruption and ‘mental-vacation’ while you still can.

The two moments in history were not close to comparable, but there was no call to cast aside MalcolmX’s birthday today as if one thing was more important than the other, either.

Malcolm had more to do with the injustices that we still face NOW, and I’m certain his children –who lost their devoted father behind us and our unmitigated “Black stuff“- often wonder how it is that he, and his wife Betty Shabazz, our Spiritual Mother, are so easily pushed aside in the wave for a phantasmagorical other-continent other-world head game, especially when we also have such HIGH RATES OF DIVORCE and FAMILIAL FINANCIAL and ECONOMIC LOSSES amongst our OWN people and that’s REAL. #KEEPINGIT100

We got issues in the USA, and one of them involves the fact that we have a Presidential Usurper who is so nasty and vicious and racist and misogynist and ATROCIOUS and so ghetto swamp-alicious that he couldn’t even be invited to this HISTORIC wedding (a Black woman marrying into white royalty), and in which his own wife had to be auspiciously “bedridden” from a sudden kidney surgery so that she would also have an excuse for not attending this wedding. As a matter of fact … Your “White Supremacist Precedent”-setter isn’t even invited to John McCain’s FUNERAL.


The horse’n’carriage staged wedding of Prince __?___ and ‘biracial’ Meghan Markle is over and done, so can we get back to business now? MalcolmX on Marriage and Family“Y’all worrying about something WAY OUT when you haven’t even mastered this right here…”: BOOTS ON THE GROUND, ROOTS ON THE ROUND.

The Drunken Kool-Aid Effect: Other Nations Take Malcolm into Account on This Day Even as ‘We’ Ignore It

But isn’t this how Rosa Parks’ Black American DETROIT, Michigan home ended up in BERLIN, GERMANY as a symbol of respect and Black people didn’t even know it was there and were about to let it be torn down until this OTHER NATION thought it important enough to preserve it? Y’all really DO play too much, for real…

Muslims in India Headline Malcolm X today

QUOTE: “I have often thought about these prescient words, uttered more than fifty years ago and the man who spoke them, prominent African American, Muslim activist, Malcolm X, who was born ninety-three years ago today, and later assassinated in a public execution, his eventful life cut short, orchestrated by the cult he formerly belonged to, the Nation of Islam (NOI).

In an America that Barack Obama had once fancifully termed “post-racial”, it is now fashionable to talk of Malcolm X as an African American, but his Muslim identity was equally important to him, especially in the final years of his life, when he was breaking away from the segregationist views undoubtedly instilled within him owing to his long association with the NOI and reaching for a revolutionary new alliance with whites, locally and with African revolutionaries, internationally.

MalcolmX Assassination


MalcolmX Funeral
Malcolm X Funeral: Acknowledging His 93rd Birthday Today


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