Lucy McBath, Mother of Jordan Davis, Takes Her Proper Position in Georgia’s Legislative Congress

Lucy McBath, mother of Jordan Davis, takes her PROPER POSITION in Congress in the State of Georgia.


It wasn’t that long ago that 17-year old Jordan Davis was murdered at a Jacksonville (FL) gas station by a white man who became agitated about Jordan and his friends playing their music too loudly from a car.

Thanksgiving ticks off the time every year when Lucy McBath lost her son to a violent murder committed by Michael Dunn, who was convicted and sentenced in 2014 to life without parole for first degree murder.

McBath, a longtime Delta flight attendant, quit her job and shifted her focus to advocating for gun control. She went to work as a national spokeswoman for Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. She made national appearances, testified before Congress, starred in documentaries and spoke at numerous rallies, and she stood alongside President Barack Obama in 2016 when he announced executive actions on gun restrictions.


Eventually she decided to run for Congress in the State of Georgia.

“I was afraid,” she told Elle magazine. “I kept saying, I don’t know how to be a politician. I don’t know how to be a lawmaker. I’ve never done that before.”

Well, she does now.

She ran, she won, she gets to help call the shots on Georgia legislation for at least the next four years.

We pray she does good work on crime control and prevention of violence and other legal matters in Georgia, and has a great journey in Georgia politics.



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