Learn From This: Black Man Fights Off 3 White Supremacists

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Trump’s election seems to have legitimized white supremacy to a level we have not seen for a while and while it’s been no secret and certainly has been constant, the normality of these hateful individuals is now so disgusting it’s absolutely frightening.

Expecting that attacks will increase is absolutely legitimate. White supremacy is back out in the open, they are no longer afraid of operating without any filter.

A few years ago now a video surfaced showing a black man named Jay Phillips attacked by three white supremacists who literally drove up to him in a pickup truck, yelled racial slurs and attacked him. The attack happened in Courtney, British Colombia (yes, Canada, not everything is perfect there!


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Jay dealt with the situation in a very calculated way. Dealing with three attackers is never easy, in any situation, and below you can see how he managed to keep them at bay.

There is a lot you can learn from his actions. Awareness of space, calmness and keeping track of what’s going in. The one time he acted out he nearly lost it completely.

His bravery kept him from a complete beating and although he could have been hurt really bad it’s a lesson on how to take care of your person.

Self defence and self awareness may to be absolutely important for all of us as the culture of violence is allowed to operate in the open without recourse due to the perceived position of the next US President.

Get yourself to a class, get your body healthy. Don’t look for trouble but be ready to defend yourself and help others in need.

It’s very important you look after your safety and control your anger. Fighting should be a last resort, especially as these weasels will resort to the safety of guns at a moments notice. BUT sometimes you have no chance to get away and being aware and ready is essential.

Below is the video showing Jay being attacked and how he handled the attackers.

He did a great job as these disgusting humans violated his rights.

Sadly, despite the clear evidence and admittance of what happened, the assholes in the video faced very little recourse. You can read what happened here.

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