Laid off and only $32 in the bank, now she has opened a 4,000 Sq Ft Manufacturing Facility

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Gwen Jimmere was nearly homeless when she decided to take a scary leap and go after her dreams. In a way, it was the perfect time as not only did she only have $32 in the bank, but she was laid off of her job and going through a divorce.

Gwen had already started her business in the basement of her home, a natural hair care company called Naturalicious. In fact, Gwen is the first African American woman to hold a patent for a natural hair care product. 

Gwen struggled on what to do as she had a one-year-old son to take care of, so she did the only thing she could – pushed her business to make enough money so they could live comfortably. Now, it’s the start of 2020 and Gwen has a lot to celebrate. Not only is her company about to celebrate its 7th birthday, but it’s expanding. She’s now opening a 4,000 square foot manufacturing facility to help keep up with the demands of her products. 

The facility is a big change for everyone, including her 13 full-time employees as they’re used to a 900-ft sq location. However, Gwen has a lot of ideas to include in the growing space and can’t wait to begin hiring more people for her company. 

So what is next for Naturalicious? Why, a salon! However, it’s not just a regular salon. Gwen wants to educate her customers on product ingredients and hair type. Of course, they’ll be some good ol’ fashion salon fun in the mix. Naturalicious is definitely a company that you have to keep in mind!

This is why we featured Gwen in our Black History Flashcards (available here). Gwen is Black History and we are proud to know her.

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