Apart of the newest school of Hip Hop, Florida’s own Kodak Black has dropped one of the most conscious videos released this year. His biggest hit to date, Tunnel Vision, may seem like any other mainstream single. 808s, catchy hook, easy-to-follow verses. Kodak croons on the track about his internal conflicts with jealousy from his peers and his quest to find love.

“Lil Kodak they don’t like to you see you winnin’/they wanna see you in the penitentiary/I need me a lil’ baby who gon listen, Girl I don’t wanna be the one you iggin’.”

With these lyrics, the last thing a hip hop fan would expect in a corresponding music video is politically-charged imagery. Yet that’s exactly what was displayed and it is amazing!

From the white man donned in a “Make America Hate Again” cap and Confederate Flag vest to the black man with whom he fights, every second of the video is an ingenious mosaic of art, allegory, and America’s current political climate. Y’all deserve to see this!