Did You Know NBA Star Craig Hodges Lost $50 Million Dollars For Telling President Bush To Help Black People

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Did You Know | 1 comment

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Remember Craig Hodges from the Championship Chicago Bulls? He was a three point hitting machine and helped the Chicago Bulls become world champions. What you probably didn’t know was that he was black-balled from the NBA. Why? Because he decided to write a letter to then President Bush about the conditions of black people.

I think it is important that we recognize what Craig Hodges did. In a time where no one would dare where a dashiki to the White House, he did. At a time where no one would take advantage of being that close to the President, he took full advantage and tried to help his people. We should salute our hero’s that do stuff like this. I hate that it cost him $50 million dollars, but he can live knowing he tried his best to help his people.

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  1. Ron Mosely

    He lost his career cause he was doing what he did and more then just that for the Black community in isolation and during a time when 90% of Black sports stars were under the , cultural Virus of Balling Pimp culture, not giving a damn about the community other then some charity during the holidays or a few scholarships here and there ! Had the Brother been around in the 60 and 70s when folks like Muhammad Ali, Willis Reed, Kareem Abdul Jabar and many others across all sports were united to invest in Black movements and speak out in unision as one voice against Government atrocities , not a damn thing would have happened to him ! You can swim in clear water , try to swim in muddy water and you will not only drown, no one will be around to see you to help you and save you from drowning, and that is how important Culture is


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