Killer Mike, Usher, and Jermaine Dupri kicked off Black History Month by putting their money in a black owned bank. These Atlanta based artist are making a big statement. Killer Mike hit social media and asked the Atlanta community to support Citizens Trust Bank. Saying even if you want to keep your money in the “big” banks at least open a savings account with Citizens Trust Bank.

Killer Mike also said the bank has been in the community for almost 100 years and loans from this bank have helped to build a lot of the small businesses on the Southside of Atlanta. He asked that everyone support small black owned businesses.


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I Love the political and economic stand Killer Mike has been taking, using his celebrity to better his community and his people. Sometimes when you make it, you forget about where you came from. It’s also very important that this was done in the public eye. Sometimes we all need a little push or a reminder to do something great. By the way, you can open an account at Citizen Trust Bank with as little as $5.

Citizen Trust Bank
75 Piedmont
Atlanta, GA


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