Kanye is broke and so is Trump, who is showing him how to be broke and look rich in exchange for “black profile favors”.

Neither of them have any real money, but the difference is Yeye has been begging Zuckerberg since Kardashipornvideoho broke him and ran him close to bankruptcy. Those white thin-skinned plastic females KEEP their Black male tribes in the nuthouse; and as of today, Lamar Odom is back in again.

Yeye starts trying to PUBLICLY “gang up” with anyone he thinks might give him money for his dead musical and clothing enterprises that haven’t worked out like he thought they would.

I don’t watch the news, I watch the corresponding actions of people and then follow the bread crumbs.

This is my news for the day: What they SAY is of no consequence, believe people when they SHOW you who they are.

Trump doesn’t have a decent check for more than $10k that he can cash outright and he isn’t giving up his business enterprises because he agreed to accept the president’s salary at a dollar a year. Trump can’t “afford” to waste time being President for a dollar a year when all the money he has is on whitepaper that he can’t take to the bank and cash without robbing them blind.

Remember: He blamed China for being a “currency manipulator” because they took all his money and he needs Russia’s help to get it back; so think about it and put some real education muscle behind your thoughts, because it’s ALL about money ALL the time. Race -for the most part- be damned, unless they can think of a way to leverage RACE to get money; and thanks to a lot of Black people, white supremacy is still highly profitable.

This country is being run by Putin as of January 2017, NOT Trump. November 11 2016 is hereafter known as “Great American Fascist Day.”

America is being used as leverage to shore up Trump’s PERSONAL business dealings and cash, just as Bush did with the bin Ladens. He is not there to give low hanging fruit who voted for him any “jobs” or anything of the kind. Carrier was a publicity stunt and President Obama had already recovered this economy, without Republican help, as of Year 2012.


Trump needs to keep his multiple “day jobs” so he can keep paying his baby mama’s … and all that other debt he can’t cover out of his own pocket. Hint: I knew he was going broke when he started those real estate schools back then, because no truly rich man has a need to do anything like start a network marketing “real estate training school” scheme to make money.

YeYe needs money bad and he thinks Trump has it. Bottom line with those two.

Trump needs Yeye’s “Blackness” to fool some more of those Black “reality show Empire-watchers” and “christian evangelical mentalists” of the mega-money prosperity-gaming churches. They want the photo opps and high-priced dry chicken and peas and rice dinner “political lollipops,” so they can run home to impress other plantation-roaming Negroes with their “star status” that makes them believe that those Black folk are important when they really are not.

They are being licked like a ‘Family Dollar all day sucker’ and they keep falling for that plastic power-brokering mess, too.

Truth told, it’s all blowback from the ’80s and ’90s when Trump’s real estate scams and outright Yeye Worship would have been more likeable and praised and people would have drooled all over them. This is also them trying to relive their multi-level marketing pyramid scamming days where Black folks thought they could get rich by simply breathing the same air as white people who pretended to be rich in order to get money from poor Blacks. #blackmetamorphingrichness

All we can do now is hope they are both on the WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY, for a change we can all believe in.


That will be left up to Black folks in America to turn their backs on them BOTH once and for all. Without us, they are both belly up in the fish tank.

#AprilFoolsinDecember #suckaborneveryminute


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