Judge Found in Hudson River Cuts Husband Out of $2million Estate

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Judge Sheila Abdul-Salaam’s alleged suicide dominated the headlines a few weeks ago following the discovery of her body on the bank of New York’s Hudson River. Speculation as to whether her death was indeed a suicide emerged as officers further investigated the judge’s suspicious death. Thus far, no evidence suggesting foul play has been found but an interesting fact has been revealed.

Judge Abdus-Salaam stands beside her husband, Rev. Canon Gregory Jacobs

Judge Abdus-Salaam did not update her will to include her most recent husband as a beneficiary. Rather, the will reflects her siblings and mother as beneficiaries of the $2.05 million estate. Having just remarried in 2016 to Reverend Gregory Jacobs, the judge did not update her will. Twenty-five percent of her assets are to be inherited by her mother and the remaining amount split equally amongst her surviving siblings.

Eerily enough, one of the Judge’s brothers-Jerome Edwin Turner- was found dead in his Washington D.C. home and was suspected to have taken his own life. The family maintains that he succumbed to a “long battle with lung cancer”. However, authorities confirmed that he was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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  1. Ron Mosely

    No one has ever heard of any criminal Judges of any race winding up dead in the same week in the USA in the past 60 years! Yet no one in the Grassroots community or so called Black orgnizations, has the fortitude to hold a private investigation regarding who dropped , or was paid to drop the 24 hour protection such judges have, or to investigate the possiblity of cartle activilty??


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