John Crawford Update, “Shot on Sight” in Walmart Holding a Toy Gun


The video for the Walmart shooting of John Crawford while not being released to the public has been viewed by attorneys and the family.  According to those that saw the video, John Crawford was shot on sight by the police as they came into the vicinity.  This story has had loads of questions from the vary beginning and while some were answered when we found out that Ronnie Ritchie was lying about everything but his name, the release of the video and the comments by those that saw it further remove speculation as to what he was doing.

Apparently he was on his phone talking to his girlfriend and the mother of his children, leaning on the toy gun like a cane.  Police who had claimed that he ignored their orders to drop the weapon can be seen coming in from behind him.  Only moments later he was laying on the ground screaming as he had been shot, his girlfriend reports that the police yelled at him to get on the ground after he had been shot.  While this would seem far fetch to some, we will remind you of the scene of the second murder in Ferguson when police officers handcuffed a dead body.  While he did turn and his girlfriend confirms him saying “its not real,” the video seems to show that he was shot immediately after turning leading them to suspect that he didn’t know what he was dealing with.  According to the attorney for the family he was shot on sight.


While there are still some questions involving the case, the video will not be shown to the public as of this moment.  The attorney doesn’t want to taint a jury, however a special prosecutor has been appointed to the case which will carry its own implications.  Although we may really want to see what happened it doesn’t look like we will get the chance, unless TMZ manages to work whatever magic they have as they have been extremely resourceful in finding and releasing damaging materials to the public of late.

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