Word of the day is “jigging.”


Jigging: Behaving Like Criminalized Whites While Pretending Its a “Black Thing”


It means carrying on with your life in such a manner that the lines are blurred between your own dignity, peace, serenity, and sanctity, to the point that you actually begin to believe that absorbing and acting out the desires of others are your own true desires.

In short … while recognizing that Africa’s hands are not totally clean when it comes to the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and while admitting that Africans were not above outright criminal behavior prior to and after that slave trade … Black people did not come to America in slave chains “jigging” for white people.

We often refer to sellout Blacks as “coons,” or sometimes in the recent past, “Toms” or “Uncle Toms,” but “jigging” goes even much deeper than that. Jigging isn’t just about selling out, its about what Black people THINK is ‘being Black’ or “keeping it 100” when all it really is is a repetitive mimicry of the worst behaviors of the most monstrous and uncivilized whites in the history of the world.

The Jigging Lifestyle

It is a lifestyle that demands a reactionary response to white supremacy in America by absorbing and becoming subservient to the racism rather than subverting it and bringing it under subjection.

We already know that white people demand that we take responsibility for our own behaviors, but they also do not own up to the role that their own ancestors, and they, played and play in the filth and decrepit violence and degradation that has overtaken America. From the hours of the violence of Native American dispersion and deracination to the hours since its incorporated peal bells rang in Boston, Massachusetts, America is surely no standard of what Democracy and justice should look like to the rest of the world.

The glorification of violence, the making of heroes and heroines out of some of America’s biggest and most violent criminals with white skin; the playing it off and acting like it’s no big deal when a viceroy like Donald Trump comes within a “heartbeat” away from becoming President of the nation … these matters are a huge and complex answer as to why such an atrocity as “Black on Black crime” exists, such that it does. We didn’t invent the guns or the runaway gun laws that proliferate violence in America; nor did we decide that crime and atrocious killing was glamorous and should be elevated to the status of riches and immortality, IF you are white, that is. That was ALL white America’s own doing, and it will be this nation’s undoing if it is not put in check immediately.

We like to think that when white people toss their variegated and obnoxious ‘monkey poop’ (their drugs, guns, alcohol, toxins, and all other such manner of subjective filth that they dredge up and spread all over everyone else) over into our yards, that we would pick it up and toss it right back at them.

Instead, we become “monkeys” or “mimickers” of their behaviors and lifestyles by “jigging it up” and becoming MORE like them rather than less; and more like them than what the Creator designed for us; and more like them by acting ‘as expected,’ rather than becoming whom we were created to be from the Ancient of Days.

Jigging is best described as something you would see on modern-day white-washed television shows like “Black-ISH,” “Empire,” “Scandal,” “Haves/Have Nots,” “Preachers of Hollywood,” “First Ladies of the Pulpit,” “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” or in the behaviors of family members who like to act out and portray the types of attitudes and actions [in REAL LIFE] that they see displayed on such television shows and in these types of movies.

I was eating lunch and listening to small group of Black people discussing some characters from these white people’s mental illness TV shows AS IF they were real people whose lives mattered more than their own. If that kind of passion and concern was something that we could discuss in the real world and in terms of real life people and situations, we’d come up with far more than half the SOUL-utions that we need to bring our lives, families, and communities back to order and peace.

The Choice to Jig

Jigging requires that a Black person not only absorb, display and deploy such illicit behaviors in the REAL world, but also demands that they see and envision those super-imposed hyper-paranoid activities as a natural course of daily life. It doesn’t matter if the acted out dramatic behavior is real or not, what matters is that it is absorbed and used as if it is. We don’t like to think of it, but when we act out and end up having to call the cops to de-escalate a situation, their only response is to kill and destroy because they are tired of us calling them in the first place. It’s not that white people are not just as stupid, it’s just that they tend to handle their own escalated situations on the homefront more than we do. They rarely call the cops on each other unless it’s THAT serious; but they will them quick on us … whether we are doing anything wrong, or not.

That’s real.

Many a Black mother has had to deal with “jigging” sons — young Black men acting as if they were raised in households where “being bout dat life” is the norm rather than the exception.

Being “bout dat life” incorporates a mixed bag of white hoodlum and vicious criminal storyboard actions with many a perceived stereotype about Black people, especially Black males — the “Tyrones” and “Jeromes” and Red Light District “Shaquayquays” and “Poonannies” and “Vajayjays” of white people’s worst negro nightmares. Yet so many of us are head-beaned into acting out the psychotic and fear-mongering notions of fascist American whites that we think it truly is the way some of us live. In the interim, they actually THINK they know all about us as a race of people when nothing could be farther from truth.

When an atrocity like post-traumatic slave syndrome (P.T.S.S.) takes place in the life of a Black person who has been consistently traumatized by racism and white supremacy, whether direct or indirectly passed on through the generations, they begin to behave in a manner that is best described by using the word “jigging.”

Black people acting white trying to be Black while acting white acting Black.

Confusing? It should be; because it is.


Jigging: Behaving Like Criminalized Whites While Pretending Its a Totally “Black Thing”

Jigging Symptoms

The symptoms of “jigging” include up to, but not all-inclusively, the recording and listening to of “crap” music that resembles homefront naturalized styles of rap music, but which has been taken and turned into racist and over-sexualized and excessive addictive mental junk food. It was made into monkey poop by whites who profit and benefit off our talents and resources by translating our music into internalized terroristic threats to other Blacks, especially Black women. They are particularly good at using Blacks who have been so hurt by other Black men and/or Black women of some sort that they don’t mind taking a lowball payoff just to get all of their misplaced anger and frustration into the sounds of their own internalized rage.


Another symptom of “jigging” is displayed in Blacks who are into high ineffective drama and familial infighting over such faulty matters as the belongings or ‘belongingness’ of a deceased relative. Yet another symptom of it is when a Black person tricks or traps another Black person into a business deal or networking scam that they know is meant only to satisfy an immediate quick fix for cash with no long-term mutual investment benefit.

Yet one more form of jigging is when a Black man prefers a moment of heightened sensual pleasure between the legs of another woman or even a man, whilst bringing another woman’s or man’s outsider DNA into his own marriage bed of trust. His desire for the ‘inciting quick flame’ is so important that it outweighs the importance of his life, his wife, his children, his future generations, and even the jeopardizing of his home or job over a momentary indiscretion that he knows will likely cost him everything he ever worked for in his entire life.

Vice-versa for women who do the same.

Baby Mama’s, Ghetto-acting women and children (performing as ‘white trash’ would if they were lighter of complexion and lived in a trailer park instead of the Projects), Baby Daddies, daily run-ins with the police and courts that drain the Black community and its mother/nurturers of much-needed resources and finances; the “repping” or settling a “diss,” (real or perceived), by the taking of a Black man or woman’s life over small matters that do not involve self-defense; the molesting of little girls (what white slut pirates would call “wenches”); the turning of our backs on family members in need and lack, and the dissing of Black mothers (married or single) while simultaneously demanding some superficial level of respect from others that shows how much the person does not respect him or herself — these are other forms of “jigging” around under white supremacist dominion.

These behaviors were taken off the plantations (a la ‘we fuq poor girls without daddies in the projects and have babies with and abandon them because there is nothing else for us to do’) and passed on throughout generations even AFTER the plantations were done and gone. Ghetto Heaven was “jigged on” as if the plantation circumstances and antics of former ancestors never ended. [Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, or PTSS]

These jigging-type behaviors go deeper than “cooning” just to IMPRESS white people and make them like us through the means of pseudo-assimilation-they spill over into the types of actions and behavior INSIDE Black America that has destroyed lives, families, neighborhoods and entire cooperative economic communities. There are simply too many Black people in this nation who never learned to draw the lines of distinction between WHO they are and WHAT white people demand that they become just to appease their own self-absorbed racist fantasies.

Jigging Ignores Our Earthly Inheritance as Black People

Most importantly, jigging demands that we ignore and/or ridicule our own histories and legacies and inheritance in the creation, founding and making of this planet. Its use demand that we count our own Black lives as naught while begging others to take us seriously. #BlackLivesDoMatter, but when will they start mattering to US rather than us demanding that they matter to others who truly have no real reason to care?

Jigging can also involve any and every Black person who is too lazy or too stupified to participate in the LOCAL and STATE government and political processes that rule our daily lives, whether we take part in it or not.

Says she “I don’t do politics.”
Says me “Well, politics will ‘do’ you, whether you like it or not.”

Yes, the same politics that keep us ALL subjected to laws meant to be eternally racist. We make excuses for why “they” never help us, but we never overcame the fear and intimidation of the past where we were too scared to help ourselves.

Jiggers help to advance the cause of white supremacists, who get over on us because we let them choose who governs us and what they will decide to do with us if we are not under their subjugation, or if we think that the same laws that apply to them apply to us. Rules are only rules if they apply to everyone, and their rules have always erred on the side of whiteness just for the sake of their posterity.

Truth told, appealing to certified and proud ‘mass killers’ AFTER they have harmed us, rather than making sure they don’t get into office in the first place AND that they are held ACCOUNTABLE to Black people when they do, is “too little, too g.d. late”.

Jigging requires down-talking our own ancestors and ignoring our elderly patrons as if they have nothing currently valuable to say to us when they are actually walking LIBRARIES in and of themselves.

Sustainability Features of Jigging

Jig Shoes

Jig Shoes

Last but not least, “jigging” involves any and ALL subsidizing and capitalization of financial entities and American corporations and businesses, large or small, that is meant to demean or demoralize Black people/African Americans/people of color.

These capital ventures and money bloodlust enterprises and entities use our precious cargo and our earth-endowed sense of style and “swagger,” and also our cultural tastes for beauty and nature and heartsong in order to make money for the direct or indirect purpose of sustaining white nationalism. It isn’t as if we haven’t been taking care of them since and before the mid-1600s, but those of us who don’t do it now are considered expendible ‘at will.’


For some (a lot of) Black folks, whites can poop in a platter, piss on it and call it marinade, ring a dinner bell, and they will fall in line at the slop table of white folks mental issues – salivating and bringing their own plates, forks, knives, cups and saucers in order to partake of it all, ‘with relish.’ Those who partake of white monkey poop will then circumstantially demand more of it as soon as it seems to be all gone.

Really, who are we trying to impress with this jigging mess?

UNTWIST: Know that we set THEM free from being chained to us for all eternity, not the other way around. We are not eating off THEIR taxes, or their goodwill profits, or THEIR freedom fights from tyranny and oppression; we, our BLACK ancestors that is, financed and forged this nation for them to enjoy, and we have finally gotten a few bread crumbs off the tables that our Black ancestors prepared and set for others. However, REPARATIONS are still due and owing.

Know WHO you ARE, not who they SAY you are … and ACT LIKE IT. Stop jigging just because they make it all possible and pay to see it done. For pure entertainment purposes only.

The Return to Egypt for Jiggers: We Would Rather Be Slave Than Free…back when we had no real responsibility for ourselves or our own Black lives. All we had to do was work harder than mules and dogs from sunup to sunset and eat the food that was tossed at us by our enslavers. Free labor and free meals does not sustain FREEDOM.

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