It Costs You A Nifty Economic $99 Per Day (Average) to Keep That Job

Know why you always have more month left at the end of the money? Count the costs of keeping that "job".


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In the highly unlikely event that you never meet Janet Jackson’s “former” man Al Wissam, who is tied to her for life-regardless … and even if you do meet him, in the event that he doesn’t offer to pay you billions to have a baby and divorce him, here it is.

An average worker, with only one child, would need to make $113.32 per day just to cover COSTS. An average worker with NO children would need to make nearly $80 per day, ($79.99) JUST TO COVER COSTS.

This is why you don’t even need to get out of the bed in the morning to go to a job that pays $10 an hour. A $10 an hour job is one that only needs to take place when you don’t have to leave home to get the job done.

Blurred Lines

You’re paying additional funds you don’t have, or taking a monthly deficit hit just to keep the job. Put in other words, you’re paying YOUR EMPLOYER just to HAVE a job – likely an additional $10-$25 per day that you have to “throw in” to stay employed.

Now … A Moment of Silence Please

Forget what it costs you to save money and take a vacation once a year, or vicariously ‘keep up with the Kardashians’ on television so they can have that billion-Dollar home in Malibu that you will never have. That’s just EXPENSES.

Yes, hon-tay

It costs YOU money to get up and go to work, especially if all your job is paying is $70-$80 per day (in hourly wages). So, the moment of truth is that even a

single person with NO children is barely breaking even.

The Cost to Serve The Boss

If you work 8 hours per day, 5 days a week … here’s an EXAMPLE of what you spend to go to work:

  • _Wake Up Call (alarm clock cost, but you’re not counting it because you already had it – or got it from your mom or as a present or gift.) In a hotel, this is included in your hotel fees.
  • _Shower water – $65 a month, or $2.17 per day.
  • _Heating – $100 a month, or $3.33 per day.
  • _Electricity – $125 a month, or $4.17 per day.
  • _Clothing/Undergarments, Shoes, purse and/or briefcase (incl. cleaning and laundering) – $350 a month, or $11.67 per day.
  • _Meals – (Breakfast & Lunch) – $20 –more or less– per day. Period. (Assuming an $8 breakfast and $12 lunch).
  • _Makeup/Nails/Hair – $275 per month, or $9.17 per day.
  • _Soap or Shower gel/Deodorant/Shampoo – About $1.35 per day.
  • _Assumes 38% for federal, state and social security taxes on a pay scale of $10 per hour – or $22.29 per day, more less depending on exemptions you file.
  • _Assumes $175 per month for medical/dental/eye/healthcare/hospital premiums AFTER employer contribution (down from $250/mo) – $5.84 per day.
  • TOTAL = $79.99 per day (assuming you have NO children).


    NOTE: *If you do have children, add another $1,000 per month per child for childcare and/or after-school care = $33.33 per day (that is assuming that you have only ONE child)

    TOTAL = $113.32 per day.


    Here’s When WTF Does NOT mean “Well That’s Fabulous!”

    When I was born, the federal minimum wage was a dollar an hour.

    By the time I got my first job in 1973, it was up to $1.60 an hour. That’s a .60-cent raise in 14 years. By the time I got my first ADULT job in 1978, full-time, it was $2.65 an hour. By the time I retired in 2009, it was $7.25 an hour. That’s $4.60 — in THIRTY-ONE years.

    The total increase from 1973 to 2009 (36 years in all) was a grand whopping total of $5.65 per hour.

    However …

    The COST OF LIVING had gone up, on average, (and this is just one example of many) of costing a family of four $50-$60 per week for groceries to $146 per week. That’s IF you’re a heavy coupon-clipper and don’t much care how fresh your food is. On the high end, the average family of four pays $235-$250 per week just to eat, and that is not including eating out. In other words, the weekly grocery bill ~ALL BY ITSELF~ doubled+ [PLUS] in that amount of time, yet hourly wages went up only about a half-penny on the dollar.

    Best calculations available based on the late 1960s come to a wage increase of 2.5% with a COST OF LIVING INCREASE of 11.9% over a 30-35 YEAR period of time. The costs of daily living have gone up EXPONENTIALLY HIGHER {*3-5 times higher over this period of time*} with nothing to show for it in terms of worker pay increases or even decent fringe benefits.


    The Working Girl Meme
    Okay, so in 2018, you’re making the same money I was making in the 1980s, and with about TEN TIMES the costs I had to pay to make some ends meet.

    Your ends ain’t even touching the corner around the way and across the big pond from each other, let alone finding a place to meet.

    NOTE: Just a friendly reminder that others out there who make twice-plus your MINIMALIST wages aren’t paying much more than you are in daily “job” expenses, unless they are spending more than they need to.

    [Hint: They should know how much they NEED to spend (not want, NEED) by looking at people who make far less and still manage to need food stamps in order to keep from starving.]



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