Instead of The Ice or Grown & Sexy: Here Are 21 Challenges For The Black Community

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The viral nature of social media is what makes it a powerful tool. Messages spread quickly over various social, economic, even political groups.

The problem in the black community are the messages we are spreading. Nothing of power or substance seems to carry much steam through the social sphere, but notions of entertainment, fights or time eating opportunities to drift away from our mundane existence thrive.

Take the CHALLENGES that have been floating around social media. I’m sure you know, but this is where someone performs an activity, video records it, post on social media (typically Facebook), then tags 4 friends to take the challenge of doing it themselves. Penalties include donating $50 to their favorite charity if you don’t take the challenge.

And don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing some of them and think they are fine from time to time.

Take the Ice Challenge. It has been hot and this is something fun to do with friends and family to see who can take on the challenge.

Or the Grown & Sexy Challenge. Nothing wrong with it in principal. Just something fun to do and give people an opportunity to show pictures of themselves in their “good clothes”. (Even though I must say you post the pictures anyway to your social media accounts, so I don’t know the need to post again, but ok.)

There are many other challenges floating around from dancing, singing, even sitting on one another, but where are the substance filled, meaningful challenges?

Where Are the Challenges of Substance?

We play too many games and are not using social media to our advantage. We need to spread positive messages, inspiring stories and create uplifting movements throughout the community.

Social media only has positive power when you are using it positively.

Here are the challenges I would love to see from the black community.

  1. Parenting Challenge
  2. Voting Challenge
  3. Local Politics Challenge
  4. Education Challenge
  5. Support Black Business Challenge
  6. Mentor Challenge
  7. Fitness Challenge
  8. Reading Challenge
  9. Read To Your Children Challenge
  10. Check Children’s Homework Challenge
  11. Black History Challenge
  12. Get A Certification/Trade Challenge
  13. Savings Challenge
  14. Gardening Challenge
  15. Healthy Food Challenge
  16. Water Drinking Challenge
  17. No Alcohol Challenge
  18. Safe Sex Challenge
  19. Volunteering Challenge
  20. Courtesy Challenge
  21. Compassion Challenge

I’m sure you can add a few to this list. Please do so in the comments.

My challenge to you is to pick one to three challenges listed above and in the comments, then start the movement in your circle. Challenge one another to do something of significance in the lives of your children, family, community and self.

Take the Challenge!

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